Saturday, July 20, 2013

Unseen influences: curses and cursing

I can’t remember when I first made a connection between some disturbing incidents I had experienced in my life and the idea that some people are able to cause misfortune to others by ill-wishing or cursing them.  It was certainly some years after I first read Colin Wilson’s books Mysteries and The Occult, in which there are many examples of curses and cursing.

I would much rather believe in accidents, mere coincidences, and chance than the idea that some people do have and use this power, but personal experience has made me believe that the proposition is correct.

The incidents I have witnessed all involve perpetrators who were unaware of their powers and the effect that they had on the people around them. Unconsciously cursing someone is not the same as deliberately using spoken ritual to bring harm to a chosen victim. It often happens automatically; it usually comes from a very deep level in immediate response to what the perpetrator perceives to be an annoyance, a threat, an attack, an injury, a refusal to obey orders or a disappointing and unacceptable rejection.

It is unwise to raise this subject with most people: they have no experience of incidents such as these and cannot understand or accept the issues involved. Putting information online in the hope that the right people will be drawn to it and find it useful is a better option.

The first three incidents involve the same perpetrator:

Incident number 1
Worst story first.  I had a colleague who was a very pleasant, unassuming young man. One day he made a crude remark while telling us about his new neighbour, who was very large. His exact words were, “She’s got this enormous great fat arse!” I cringed inside at his tactlessness: he said it in front of another colleague, a young woman who was very obese.  A day or so later, his 18-year-old sister was beaten to death with a hammer by a stranger, a psychotic man. There was no motive and no provocation.

I suspect that his remark pressed a button deep down inside the obese young woman and launched a vicious, automatic psychic attack. There was no anger in him, so the murderous energy followed him around and took the path of least resistance, taking over a stranger who had no protection and causing him to attack the wrong person. This death did of course hit the young man very hard.
I was fighting for survival at the time this happened; it was only later that I made the connection between the offence and the punishment.

Incident number 2
On another occasion I saw our team leader, who was an aggressive, excitable person, rush up to the obese woman demanding immediate delivery of a test plan: “Where is it?”, Why isn’t it delivered?”, I want it delivered right now”.  When the team boss came into the office the next day, she was wearing a neck brace. Her car had been hit from behind by another car and she received a whiplash fracture. Three other people in the car were shaken and slightly hurt. I suspect that the perpetrator felt pushed into a corner and threatened, so responded by hitting back from a deep level.

In this case, I did notice a possible connection, but was not able to do anything about it. I tried to raise the subject with someone but was immediately brushed off.

Incident number 3
This obese colleague was very interested in a young man who worked as a senior computer operator. She made it obvious that she really liked him, but she had no chance:  he was very good looking and could have his pick of attractive girls. Not only was she obese, but she also had a loud manner and an unpleasant personality; she annoyed people in the office by frequently shrieking with laughter.

The operator became very ill with jaundice but recovered.  He was eventually dismissed for gross professional misconduct.

He cost the company and its clients millions in lost income when he closed down everything on the computer system instead of just one or two processes. There were many software safeguards in place and confirmations required to ensure that this could not happen accidentally, but he just drove straight through them like someone ignoring a series of red traffic lights. He behaved like someone in a trance, or a man possessed. He was normally very competent and did not make mistakes. He had no explanation for the inexcusable actions he had taken.

There are two possibilities here: perhaps just being targeted by someone who wanted something from him was enough to surround him with bad energy that made him ill and caused him to make mistakes, or perhaps it was some kind of punishment for not doing what she wanted. By giving him a starring role in her fantasies and creating scenarios about being asked out by him, she could have put a huge burden on him and damaged his efficiency, not to mention immune system. An angry retaliation resulting from a perceived rejection could have had the same effect.

I am sure that the last thing she wanted was to hurt him or for him to leave the company – at least at first. Perhaps being ignored by him triggered an attack that resulted in his being hit where it hurt most, with the loss of his high-powered, well-paid job. He was not at all involved with metaphysical matters; he was a normal, healthy young man so he was not extra vulnerable because of being in touch with other dimensions.

The jaundice makes me think of Jane Austen’s sister’s fiancé, who died of yellow fever.

I felt very uncomfortable when I first met the woman I consider to be responsible for these disasters, and avoided her as much as possible.  I have described elsewhere how I went, against my better judgement, with a group of colleagues to an end-of-project celebratory meal, and felt myself becoming unconscious as my vital energy was syphoned off. I was sitting directly opposite the obese woman, and I believe that she was the one responsible for my distress. People who engage in psychological black magic need to live off other people in one way or another.

Incident number 4
This happened when I was returning from a short break. I was desperate for my train to pull in to the station so I could take a short bus ride home and have a rest and some tea: I didn’t get any tea on the train because it is expensive and does not taste good.

As we neared the station, I went to find my bag so I could make a quick getaway. I had to move a suitcase that was on top of it. I sensed a blast of anger being directed at me: I looked around and saw an obese young woman glowering at me for daring to touch her precious case! This resentment was not justified: my own bag was not where I had put it; some men had moved it so they could cram their huge backpacks into the space.

I came out of the station; my bus was there all right: it was parked askew in everyone’s way, with gaping holes in the glass in the side doors and a large pile of powdered glass beside it. People who had just got off the bus were eager to explain what had happened: as the bus came into the station, a man shouted to the driver to open the doors. Perhaps he was afraid of missing his train. Despite a lot of shouting, the driver would not do this until he reached the bus stop, so the man smashed his way out. Luckily, the glass was the safety kind that disintegrates when shattered. 

This incident has similarities to the first one described above: perhaps the bad energy was unable to find any resonance in me, so took the path of least resistance and made that man smash the glass doors. The woman I consider responsible is, as usual, the sort of person I would immediately feel wary of and avoid.

Incident number 5
This happened after someone I normally tried to avoid cornered me in the workplace kitchen and I pulled away. I felt very uncomfortable in her company: I sensed something was reaching out to suck me dry. I felt targeted for a hijacking. I went to a busy shopping area after work, and saw a man attack a car windscreen. He was shouting furiously: he had rushed across the road without taking due care and the car had almost hit him. He was full of murderous psychotic rage, and kept hitting the glass trying to smash it and get at the driver. My bus moved on before I could see any more. I did wonder whether some bad energy had been launched at me as a punishment and it had hung around then emerged in the angry man.

The woman in question is the same one who caused me to break my wrist, as described in another article. She was very heavy, and used to shriek with laughter just like the first perpetrator.

Similar incidents in other articles
I have described other, similar incidents in articles on psychological black magic, unseen crimes, psychic crime, accidents caused by energy vampires…

For example, I mentioned my father’s stepmother, who was put in hospital because she was hit by a car after refusing to lend him any more money because he hadn’t paid back any previous ‘loans’. This seems like revenge to me: he cursed her because she wouldn’t do what he wanted.

I mentioned my sister’s boss, who lost her job after continually criticising my sister and not inviting her to meet a member of the royal family. Revenge for perceived ill treatment?

These incidents raise many issues, both ethical and practical. It is best to eat the elephant with a teaspoon and deal with the points raised one step at a time.

The first step entails accepting that some people do have the power to sabotage the lives of others by unconsciously causing terrible feelings and states of mind, bad luck, misfortunes, deprivations, accidents, injuries, illness and even death. 

Recognition, protection and avoidance are the best ways to deal with such people. Collecting information and cases from books and real life, recognising patterns, joining the dots, making connections and trusting our intuition all help us to see through the smokescreens and break the evil spells.