Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A recent string of minor misfortunes

I had a bad day recently, the exact opposite of what I expected. I had planned a circular walkabout that would combine fresh air, exercise, errands, a treat and a visit to a park. Unfortunately, it was more of an endurance test than an enjoyable experience. It was just one thing after another, so I gave in and went home.

It started when I went to get some money from the cash machine. When I pressed the button, all I got was my balance on the screen. I felt paranoid, as though I had been cut off from my money. After a few more tries, I realised that the menu text on the screen was misaligned with the buttons. I got my cash out and went on to the library, where I found that my library card wouldn’t go through any of the machines so had to ask the librarian to do everything manually.

I got some takeaway breakfast items. My plan was to eat them in a local public garden. I walked down a steep street and along the park railings. The gate I wanted to use was chained up: there was a lot of construction work going on. I had to walk back to another gate, past all the vans and workmen.

I was sitting on a bench drinking my coffee and reading my library book when I was interrupted by a group of young people, who asked me if I would complete a survey. I don't like doing this sort of thing, and I felt jarred by having my concentration broken. The food I bought was not as good as I hoped it would be either. I walked back up the steep street to the main road, which was exhausting. I had intended to walk through a market area and back home, but I had lost all energy and inclination so got a bus back.

I was getting my entry fob out when a strange man appeared and wanted to come in too. I told him that he should ring the bell of whoever he had come to visit. He didn’t seem to understand and still thought I would let him in, but luckily a friend came along, and we both got inside by ourselves. The man was probably ok, but it is amazing how these things happen at just the wrong time, when I don't feel up to dealing with them.

Sometimes every little thing seems like the last straw. There was an official letter waiting that really annoyed me: I had to confirm that my details had not changed, and this had to be done by post as there was no online option. Having to complete a form and go out to post it seemed like too much trouble. Not only that, but for the first time ever the money I had taken out included a £50 note. I was not sure what to do with it: I often shop in street markets and bargain stores and spend only a little at a time.

Later that day, I found that I had mis-read the TV schedule and missed some good programmes.

This was not the end of my problems. My laptop was very slow; I thought I might have given a wrong response to a question that popped up earlier, so I decided to do a Restore. My usual browser would not function afterwards, and it took a while before I realised that I could use another one and look for a fix. I did manage to get my laptop back to normal, but it was a very stressful time.

My normal practice on days such as this is to work backwards and look for an energy vampire. Although I had indeed met a new client for the first time two days earlier, I am sure that she was not the cause of my problems. I did not get any bad feelings from her.

My theory is that I was in a vulnerable state because I had been pushing myself very hard and had attracted unwanted attention by investigating some convenient deaths. I had been working online for long stretches for days on end, concentrating very hard on collecting and absorbing information. Some of it was just routine facts and figures I needed for my work, but much of it was in connection with an article for this blog.

Perhaps when a light bulb goes on in the mind of someone who can sense unseen influences, it is the equivalent of alerting a spider by touching its web. Perhaps the bad feelings and unwelcome experiences were a punishment for being a dot connector and a whistle-blower.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mayor and Llewelyn Davies connections: a tangled web

This article consists of material left over from my recent post about convenient deaths associated with the Austen, Mayor and Disraeli families. While doing the research for that post, I came across some information, leads and connections that needed to be followed up. I decided to stick to the main subjects and leave the extra material and further research for another time.

Mary Sheepshanks and her connections
Flora M. Mayor was a lifelong friend of the social reformer Mary Sheepshanks. Mary Sheepshanks knew Flora’s fiancĂ© Ernest Shepherd; Flora at one time believed that Ernest preferred Mary. Mary actually had feelings for someone else:

"In 1905 Mary Sheepshanks fell in love with Theodore Llewelyn Davies. However, he was in love with Meg Booth, the daughter of social investigator, Charles Booth. After she refused him, Davies committed suicide."

Suicide is only suspected: he drowned while bathing alone in a pool in the River Lune. It is thought that he hit his head on a rock. He was 34 years old at the time.

Theodore Llewelyn Davies was uncle to the five Llewelyn Davies brothers, one of whom also drowned in a suspected suicide pact.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Disraelis and Mayors: more convenient deaths

I have written elsewhere about the convenient – and possibly suspicious - deaths of the men who were engaged to be married to Jane Austen’s sister Cassandra and J. M. Barrie’s sister Maggie.

In both cases, the bereaved young women remained available to their siblings as their main source of companionship, emotional support and admiration. In other words, both Jane Austen and J. M. Barrie benefitted from the deaths of the men who would have been their brothers-in-law.

I have found two more cases of interest, with similar elements.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Some small synchronicities from 2013

Big, spectacular synchronicities – such as the encounter with Archbishop Trevor Huddleston for example - seem to be a thing of the past. I don’t know why.

I have posted my best memories, but the record is not complete. I wish I had made notes of all of the small synchronicities that I experienced over the years but I didn’t, so some of them are probably gone for ever.

I have started to record on here any current interesting coincidences that occur in my life, just to keep a record.

I have just remembered a few synchronicities that occurred almost exactly two years ago. During 2013, as part of a huge dot-joining operation, I was doing a lot of research and posting the results on the David Icke forum. I experienced some interesting small coincidences while this was going on, which are worth bringing together and posting on here.

Cliff Richard
I was in the middle of investigating Cliff Richard when a promotional email suddenly arrived:

"Here’s a golden opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of wine and song (especially for Cliff Richard fans).
When Sir Cliff isn’t singing about Mistletoe and Wine and performing his way around the world, he produces his own wine at his vineyard in Portugal.
We have secured just 1000 of Cliff Richard’s Vida Nova Six cases... And best of all, inside 50 of these cases there will be a FREE pair of tickets to one of Cliff’s Midsummer Nights Still Reelin’ and A-Rockin UK concerts.”

This is the only time Cliff Richard has been mentioned in any email. I am not a fan and had never even thought about him before I learned that he was a person of interest to the forum.

I was just starting to investigate Highgrove House (Prince Charles's residence) for the first time when Classic FM played The Highgrove Suite, which was commissioned by Prince Charles. 

I started collecting references to the small, rather obscure Yorkshire town of Mirfield. I looked to see whether there was anything light and escapist on TV, as I wanted to take time out to watch something when I felt overwhelmed and take a complete break during the advertisements. I found that a Star Trek film starring Patrick Stewart was on, which was just the thing. After working on Mirfield for a while, I needed a rest so watched some of the film and Googled Patrick Stewart. I found that he is a Mirfield man!

I was immersed in collecting information about the McAlpine family, owners of a huge construction company founded by Sir Robert McAlpine. I found details of a Miss Garnett who married the 5th Baronet: she was brought up in Vancouver.

There are so many McAlpines and people with similar names in the case that it all became a bit too much for me.

I went out because I couldn't take in any more information. My bus got stuck in a traffic jam and my mind immediately went back to the McAlpines, Garnetts etc. I came back to reality, and saw that I was next to a truck with ‘Sir Robert McAlpine’ on it; a big police van was next to it, behind which was a big white van and a smaller van with ‘Vancouver Cleaning’ on it. In front of them was a car whose number plate began with ‘33’ followed by a space.

Big white vans are featured on conspiracy theory websites along with black helicopters, as is the number 33. The police were investigating allegations about a member of the McAlpine family at the time.

Darby O’Gill
I saw a Disney film called Darby O’Gill and the Little People when I was very young. I did not particularly like it; I soon forgot all about it.  I don’t remember ever hearing or seeing any references to it over the years, until one day in 2013 I noticed it in a TV programme guide. I vaguely remembered that it was good, colourful escape material and thought it would be ideal for giving me a rest from all the heavy stuff, so I took some time out to escape into the world of leprechauns. Shortly afterwards, someone mentioned this film on the forum, for the first, last and only time.

TV schedule over a few hours
On yet another busy morning in 2013, I checked the TV schedule for later in the day before immersing myself in research. I was hoping to find something that would make good escape material, a fantasy film perhaps, something that I could watch during a break. I noticed that the TV menu included Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday, Our Queen (in her Jubilee year) and a programme about the Monarch butterfly.

All have significant associations with some of the most active topics on the forum: Cliff Richard and the Royal Family in connection with Jimmy Savile, and Monarch butterflies in connection with mind control and programming.

I reported this on the forum, and got responses from two posters:

“It is as though there is a conscious effort to selectively broadcast these programmes in defiant spite.”

“As for the TV listings today, they really are rubbing our faces in it aren't they!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The little smile and the gleam in the eye: another sinister scenario

There is an unpleasant phenomenon that occurs in some people’s lives. Unlike other unseen influences, energy vampirism for example, there is not much information available about it. Finding a new example recently was the inspiration for this article.

Stella Gibbons and the little smile
I first became aware of this phenomenon as something that happens in other people’s lives when I was reading about Stella Gibbons’s turbulent early life.

Her father was domineering, violent and melodramatic:

In one memorable incident when she was 11, her melancholic father threatened suicide and her mother begged Stella to intervene. Even at that age, she recognized that her father was secretly enjoying the agony he was inflicting on his family, and this pretense and emotional cruelty left a deep impression.”

The full article can be found here.

The little smile is mentioned in the following article:

As the ranting went on Stella noticed that Telford had a slight smile on his face and was deriving a secret pleasure from the scene, much as an actor might do from tearing a passion to tatters. She was appalled. To suffer from a fit of despair was one thing; but actually enjoying causing a scene was quite another.”

This incident speaks for itself; it has been described as a turning point in Stella’s life. Reading about it was a turning point for me: I remembered seeing a few secret little smiles myself, and realised that I was not alone in having such experiences.