Monday, May 25, 2015

Two more small synchronicities

I was reading a thread on a consumer forum where people were discussing an episode of Dragons’ Den, where a would-be businessman was applying for funding for a parking scheme that he had devised to extort money from people. 

A poster said “Not watched it but I can imagine it's a horse face looking " entrepreneur" looking to milk that cow, the motorist. I hope he didn't get a penny.

At that exact moment, an advertisement for an asset management company came on the radio, and I heard someone use the expression ‘carthorse to cash cow’.

I was watching a film on TV called ‘The Eagle’, and reading forum posts when it got too gruesome for me. I heard someone say “Get your thumbs up” (during a gladiatorial scene) just as I was reading the words ‘thumbs up’.

I can’t see anything significant in these expressions, but they are good examples of minor synchronicities.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Attacks by energy vampires: some details and theories

I am recovering from a recent attack by an energy vampire; the bad effects are wearing off and I have decided to post the details in the hope that they will be useful to anyone who may have experienced something similar.

The symptoms lasted for several days: I was continually yawning; I felt very slow and stupid; I was disinclined to do anything except lie around reading and looking for new posts on a forum or two of interest.

I felt cursed, as if I were under an evil spell. I experienced strange and unpleasant sensations and an inner state that is difficult to convey in words. I felt very depressed; further descriptions that come to mind include feeling desolated, disconnected, doomed, exiled, hopeless, lost, mortally wounded, paralysed, sabotaged and useless. I had unpleasant dreams and woke up feeling terrible, sucked dry and fit for nothing.

I missed opportunities to get out in the sunshine because there is no point in just going through the motions while feeling dead inside and unable to enjoy anything. I had also learned the hard way that distress signals attract predators.

I also had a string of minor accidents. I tripped over a cable and fell heavily, hurting my knee on top of an old injury; I intended to open the lower door on my fridge-freezer and opened the upper one by mistake, banging myself very hard on the forehead; when I did go out I nearly fell down the stairs on the bus. I stupidly walked up several flights of stairs at a station, not even thinking to take the lift or an escalator. This made my knee much worse.

These symptoms were all very familiar: the bad feelings as usual grew gradually more intense, peaked, then slowly faded away. I made good use of the down time by remembering similar episodes and thinking about possible causes.