Saturday, July 27, 2013

Witches and fairy godmothers in real life

In traditional stories, fairy godmothers grant wishes and make dreams come true; witches do the opposite. Fairy godmothers bless people; witches curse them.  Fairy godmothers are helpful and look after people’s interests; witches do whatever harm they can and sabotage people’s lives. Fairy godmothers are nurturing and encourage healthy growth; witches blight and poison everything and everyone around them.

I believe that these stories are founded on fact. My articles about energy vampires, psychic crime, psychological black magic and curses describe people who might well be called modern day witches; I myself have been called a fairy godmother a few times!

She wished to meet a certain actor
I remember when one of my colleagues was talking about some actor she had seen on TV: she said that she really liked this man and wished she could meet him. I said I wished that she could too; I had no idea who he was and still don’t know. When she returned to work after the weekend, she was very excited. She told us that she had been walking on the Heath with a few friends and they stopped for a drink in a pub. It was very crowded; someone came up and asked if he could sit with them. It was the actor! She said he was very pleasant and she wasn’t at all disappointed or disillusioned with him. So her wish was granted.

She dreamed of meeting Nelson Mandela
Another colleague said something very complimentary to me. I felt an immediate, warm reaction deep down inside, as if a button had been pressed. A few days later, she was walking around the office in a trance, saying over and over again, “I can’t believe it”, “I must be dreaming”. What had happened is that she got very close to her idol Nelson Mandela. He was visiting London, and she and some other people from the office went out to see him. The streets were packed with people and they had trouble getting through. They thought that they would not be able to see anything. 

Then, people started pushing them from behind and my colleague found herself right up against the barriers. Someone standing next to her held her baby up above the barrier for safety, Nelson Mandela saw this and came over and took the baby from her. My colleague grabbed his hand and held on tightly: she was Jamaican and this encounter meant the world to her. So her dream, which I had not even known about, came true.

A flat for one and a boyfriend for the other
One girl told me that she was desperate for somewhere to live as she had to leave her current home; soon after this she found a flat that she liked very much. Another girl told me that she would like to meet a nice, suitable young man as she would like to get married; shortly after this, she did.

This all happened at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed and very unhappy; I tried to put into practice some of the ideas I had found in New Age books. I hoped that I would get back what I put out and that my own main wish would come true – it didn’t! I was afraid of having a bad effect on the people around me because I was struggling to survive, so deliberately tried to wish them all well.

The couple who got one thing they wanted after another
I knew that someone I worked with was hoping to get British Citizenship for himself and his wife. I took a great interest in this project and followed all the developments. I told him many times that I was sending positive vibes and wishing that he would get what he wanted. After many setbacks, they got what they wished for.  I did the same with his wife’s attempts to get into a particular medical school and his hope of a job with a particular not-for-profit organisation. The chances of getting into the medical school and the NGO were very low, but both of these dreams came true.

After this, they needed a flat that was convenient for both of them, and they got it. His wife asked me to go with them when she had an interview: she said I brought them luck. It was a long journey, but I went. They offered her the job there and then! At the very least, I did not sabotage their affairs and bring them bad luck.

Witches in real life
I have encountered people who might have well have been called witches in the past. I don’t believe that this identification was always a matter of ignorance, superstition, cruelty and persecution of the innocent.  I think it was Dion Fortune who said something to the effect that some accusations were well founded, and that the priests who did the accusing were sheepdogs who were just trying to protect the flock from the wolves. She said that burning was a good way to deal with vampires, and that atavistic genes needed to be removed from the human race.

There must be less drastic ways of dealing with problem people, and if you drive out the demons you may lose the angels too.

I prefer psychic self-defence, assertiveness training, setting personal limits and boundaries and learning to detect, avoid and deal with modern-day witches, energy vampires and negative people.