Sunday, September 18, 2016

Benjamin Franklin, the Washington Monument and synchronicity

I did some research on Benjamin Franklin yesterday evening, in preparation for the visit that I was intending to make to the London house where he lived for 18 years. This is Open House Weekend so entry is free, for the two days only.

I read about the bone fragments that were found during a renovation of the house. Some people believe that Franklin was involved in Satanic rituals! I followed some references to Freemasons, Illuminati, Washington and other usual suspects and ended up reading this:

“If the weather is clear, anyone standing at the centre of the bottom of the west Capitol steps and looking west at 6.45 pm on September 17th will see the Sun standing exactly on top of the Washington Monument. At that instant, the shadow of the Monument will pass straight down the Mall and its point will look like an arrow at the top of the Capitol steps, pointing to its doors."

I froze when I saw the date and time: I read this on September 17th, and the time on my laptop as I read it was exactly 6:45 p.m. I know that there is a time difference between Washington and London, but it is still quite a coincidence. 

This concept was new to me; I have been to the Washington Monument, but my visit was in the summer.

This was actually the second synchronous event I experienced yesterday. Something very interesting happened when I was visiting another open building in the morning; that is a story for another time perhaps. I wonder what is so special about September 17th – and what happens in Washington when it is a leap year!

Anyway, I went on a free guided tour of Benjamin Franklin House today; I saw the bones. The house is well worth a visit.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Defeat, disappointment, disillusion and devastation

I have been following and posting about on the Conserpiracy forum the political campaign of would-be US senator Augustus Sol Invictus for some months now.

His recent defeat in the Libertarian primary election in Florida has stirred up some very painful memories; I have seen something like this campaign before. It is a very different story involving very different people, but there are a few familiar elements. There is also a big coincidence in the case.

I was involved with an Islamic political opposition movement a while back. I remember that the leaders referred to themselves by the titles they hoped to attain once they had overthrown an oppressive regime; they behaved as though they already occupied the positions that they were campaigning to achieve.

I remember the excitement when the main leader started to levitate; the members, supporters and followers were uplifted too. They felt part of something big and inspiring; they had goals and a mission to work for. The members called each other brother and sister.

The mood was very positive, euphoric even; victory seemed just around the corner. I remember the press releases, the statements, the attention, the publicity, the interviews and articles, the committees, the meetings and the conferences and speeches.  I remember the demonstrations in various capital cities and the concerts with famous artists, all very colourful with flags, flowers and stirring music… volunteers worked round the clock getting it all organised.

At the time, it seemed like the start of something very big. Looking back, I can see that the first year of campaigning was as good as it got.