Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Energy vampires: my thoughts and memories Part III

This is the third part of some personal memories of and ideas about energy vampires. It may all seem rather far-fetched, but as they say "You couldn't make it up"! My hope is that it will help people who have had similar experiences to understand what causes them, which is the first stage in learning how to reduce the frequency and severity of the incidents.

The residents’ association meeting and what came of it
I remember having a conversation with a colleague at work at a time when I had just discovered the world of New Age books and wanted to pass on some of the information and anecdotes. He was very interested in my stories about synchronicity and coincidences, and when I had to go and do something else it was obvious that he wanted to continue the conversation. It was a good day for me at work in many ways.

That same evening, I went to a Residents’ Association meeting in my block of flats.  Everything went wrong from then on. I came away feeling as though the life had been sucked out of me and that I was being slowly crushed to death by a heavy black cloud. This was only the second time I had attended these meetings. I should have listened to my intuition and not gone, but there were some local developments that I needed to learn more about. It is not always possible to avoid the company of energy vampires.

Some of these neighbours were people whom I would normally avoid; one in particular was one of the worst energy vampires I have ever encountered. I suspected her of targetting me mentally in the hope of getting various things from me. She seemed very disturbed, unable to build relationships and negotiate in the normal way.
The next day, I felt totally depressed and debilitated – more dead than alive. I wanted to lie down and die. I approached my colleague in the hope of continuing our conversation. He recoiled at the sight of me and said that he was very busy. He treated me like an unpleasant, unwelcome intruder and brushed me off. This was not funny: he was the one who decided whether or not my contract with the company would be renewed.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Unseen influences: Washington and other places with sinister associations

The idea that some locations are psychically dangerous and unpleasant to visit or live in is very old. For example, scenes of murders, houses where there was a lot of pain and suffering, former prisons, battlefields, plague pits and places where black magic rituals have been performed are often full of bad energy and evil vibrations. Sensitive people often avoid pubs and butchers’ shops for similar reasons.

There is another side to this: while some people might avoid such places, others might be drawn to them, consciously or unconsciously, as if following a psychic trail. I have personal experience of this.

remember thinking to myself “I might have known!” and “Why am I not surprised?” when I first read that Sussex, where I lived for some years as a child, is a place with strong black magic connections.

Unseen Influences: evil operates by the rulebook

Evil is said to operate according to certain rules. For example, anyone who has watched vampire films will know that they can’t come in unless you invite them. Dracula lurks outside the window trying to hypnotise someone into opening it for him. I vaguely remember a horror film with a ‘black’ (magician) who tricks someone into inviting him in and offering him a drink of water – this gives him some kind of power over the household.

The message here is that if you know the rules they operate by, you can defend yourself against and perhaps even defeat the dark forces.

One of these rules seems very strange:  it says that victims must consent in advance to whatever evil is worked upon them. This seems very unlikely: who would agree to this? No one would knowingly consent to being taken away and tortured. No one would agree to be exploited and destroyed.

The answer is that naïve and gullible people can be tricked; unprotected and vulnerable people who cannot look after their own interests and have no one to do it for them can be taken advantage of. Evil people load the dice against their intended victims and cheat them. They manipulate, manoeuvre and confuse people into doing things that they would never consider if they were in their right minds and a healthy state or had someone suitable to advise them. Evil people – or forces - engineer situations that close off all avenues except the one they want their victims to take.