Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Defence Against the Dark Arts Part I: Vernon Howard’s booklets

Reading the right words in the right way at the right time can have an effect that is almost magical. Something changes permanently for the better on the inside, and this causes a change for the better on the outside. The illumination caused by reading and understanding the words changes our vibrational rate; lumps in our subconscious minds disappear; we move to a better psychological area; we become different people and thus we attract different types of people and experiences.

This process is not under our conscious control. What works for other people does not always work for us, and vice versa.

I heard very good reports of A Course in Miracles so I got a copy but found that I could not get through it. It did not speak my language nor resonate with my thoughts and experiences. I wanted to get something positive from this book but my subconscious mind refused to co-operate. Not only did it not like the book, it disliked it very much! Other people may have transformed their lives thanks to this book, but it did nothing at all for me.

It was very different when I picked up a little booklet in a New Age bookshop. It was 50 Ways To See Thru People by Vernon Howard. Something about it attracted me, so I bought it and 3 other companion booklets. I got a lot out of reading these little publications, which came into my life at just the right time.  They provide a good introduction to the subject of spiritual development.

Howard mentions ‘energy thieves’ and ‘human sharks’ as examples of people to be avoided. I particularly liked his metaphor of the pier:  we can escape the shark-infested waters of life and move to dry land, a pier from which we can look down in safety at all the sharks thrashing around in the water below. Moving to a better psychological area is done by employing self-knowledge, perception, insight, understanding and wisdom, and looking at things from the spiritual rather than the human viewpoint.

I like Vernon Howard’s concept of the ‘Optruth’.  The truth carries us to a place that is the opposite of what our fears tell us. For example, we may fear that by mentally leaving a sick society we will arrive at a place of loneliness and rejection, but the opposite is true.

Howard’s booklets provide independent confirmation of conclusions that I had already come to: for example, that we cannot see others clearly until we see ourselves clearly, which takes courage; using expressions such as ‘energy vampire’ and ‘human shark’ frightens off many potential predators; respect the truth and everything else will fall into place.

Some of Vernon Howard’s pronouncements and guidance that I particularly liked:

“Be a detective seeking clues to the human mystery, not a harsh judge.”

“When meeting anyone you should ask yourself: ‘what does he want that I must not give?”

“Anyone who sees why he has been a victim in a dangerous world will cease to be one.

“It is immoral and dangerous to help someone who refuses to help himself.”

“The very presence of an awakened human being sends a message to mental attackers that makes them want to run and hide.”

“When anyone has problems with others it is because he first has problems with himself.”

“False men and women want only false things from other men and women… if you have nothing false in your nature they have no motive for approaching you.”

“Submission to any staged atmosphere induces a hypnotic spell.”

“A secret weapon … is a sensing that something is wrong.”

I have many criticisms of Vernon Howard’s booklets: they are dated and paranoia inducing; they remind me of Victorian religious tracts; I am not wild about the style of writing, which reminds me of American pop psychology and self-development  books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Despite what my conscious mind says, my subconscious mind likes them. By re-reading the key sentences, I re-programmed myself for the better and effected some permanent positive changes.

For more information go to:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Accidents or more sacrificed sons?

Since creating my first post on this subject, I have become aware of many more examples of untimely deaths of sons, toxic legacies and parents who outlive their children.

Alexander Mosley, the elder son of Formula One chief Max Mosley, was found dead in 2009. A drugs overdose - accidental or deliberate - was discovered to be the cause. Alexander Mosley was said to be a maths genius and a fragile person. He inherited the poisonous legacy of British Fascism and had a notorious father and grandfather.

L. Ron Hubbard’s oldest son Quentin died at the age of 22 after being found in a coma in his car. His death is believed to be suicide. He inherited the poisonous legacy of Scientology and had a notorious father.

Robert Maxwell, the notorious media tycoon, died mysteriously. One of his sons died tragically:

 “…his eldest son, Michael, was severely injured in 1961 (at the age of 15), after being driven home from a post-Christmas party when his driver fell asleep at the wheel. Michael never regained consciousness and died seven years later."

     - From Wiki.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Witches and fairy godmothers in real life

In traditional stories, fairy godmothers grant wishes and make dreams come true; witches do the opposite. Fairy godmothers bless people; witches curse them.  Fairy godmothers are helpful and look after people’s interests; witches do whatever harm they can and sabotage people’s lives. Fairy godmothers are nurturing and encourage healthy growth; witches blight and poison everything and everyone around them.

I believe that these stories are founded on fact. My articles about energy vampires, psychic crime, psychological black magic and curses describe people who might well be called modern day witches; I myself have been called a fairy godmother a few times!

She wished to meet a certain actor
I remember when one of my colleagues was talking about some actor she had seen on TV: she said that she really liked this man and wished she could meet him. I said I wished that she could too; I had no idea who he was and still don’t know. When she returned to work after the weekend, she was very excited. She told us that she had been walking on the Heath with a few friends and they stopped for a drink in a pub. It was very crowded; someone came up and asked if he could sit with them. It was the actor! She said he was very pleasant and she wasn’t at all disappointed or disillusioned with him. So her wish was granted.

She dreamed of meeting Nelson Mandela
Another colleague said something very complimentary to me. I felt an immediate, warm reaction deep down inside, as if a button had been pressed. A few days later, she was walking around the office in a trance, saying over and over again, “I can’t believe it”, “I must be dreaming”. What had happened is that she got very close to her idol Nelson Mandela. He was visiting London, and she and some other people from the office went out to see him. The streets were packed with people and they had trouble getting through. They thought that they would not be able to see anything. 

Then, people started pushing them from behind and my colleague found herself right up against the barriers. Someone standing next to her held her baby up above the barrier for safety, Nelson Mandela saw this and came over and took the baby from her. My colleague grabbed his hand and held on tightly: she was Jamaican and this encounter meant the world to her. So her dream, which I had not even known about, came true.

A flat for one and a boyfriend for the other
One girl told me that she was desperate for somewhere to live as she had to leave her current home; soon after this she found a flat that she liked very much. Another girl told me that she would like to meet a nice, suitable young man as she would like to get married; shortly after this, she did.

This all happened at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed and very unhappy; I tried to put into practice some of the ideas I had found in New Age books. I hoped that I would get back what I put out and that my own main wish would come true – it didn’t! I was afraid of having a bad effect on the people around me because I was struggling to survive, so deliberately tried to wish them all well.

The couple who got one thing they wanted after another
I knew that someone I worked with was hoping to get British Citizenship for himself and his wife. I took a great interest in this project and followed all the developments. I told him many times that I was sending positive vibes and wishing that he would get what he wanted. After many setbacks, they got what they wished for.  I did the same with his wife’s attempts to get into a particular medical school and his hope of a job with a particular not-for-profit organisation. The chances of getting into the medical school and the NGO were very low, but both of these dreams came true.

After this, they needed a flat that was convenient for both of them, and they got it. His wife asked me to go with them when she had an interview: she said I brought them luck. It was a long journey, but I went. They offered her the job there and then! At the very least, I did not sabotage their affairs and bring them bad luck.

Witches in real life
I have encountered people who might have well have been called witches in the past. I don’t believe that this identification was always a matter of ignorance, superstition, cruelty and persecution of the innocent.  I think it was Dion Fortune who said something to the effect that some accusations were well founded, and that the priests who did the accusing were sheepdogs who were just trying to protect the flock from the wolves. She said that burning was a good way to deal with vampires, and that atavistic genes needed to be removed from the human race.

There must be less drastic ways of dealing with problem people, and if you drive out the demons you may lose the angels too.

I prefer psychic self-defence, assertiveness training, setting personal limits and boundaries and learning to detect, avoid and deal with modern-day witches, energy vampires and negative people.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Unseen influences: chemicals in modern cleaning products and positive ions

We need to fight the enemy on all fronts. I have certainly been reduced to a terrible state by energy vampires, but accidentally breathing in the fumes from certain cleaning products has had effects that were just as bad. Modern offices have often made me feel really ill too.

It took a long while for me to realise that the enemy within my home was making me ill. For example, bleach and certain disinfectants aggravated breathing problems and made me feel depressed, poisoned and weak. I have had bad coughs and chest pains as a result of my own ignorance, carelessness and forgetfulness. Even after becoming aware of the dangers, I bought and used more of these products.  I once mixed bleach with ammonia and used it in a bathroom with no windows:  the effects were devastating.

It took a while for me to connect cause and effect because for much of my life I used my resources for studying metaphysical subjects and dealt with the real world with the back of my mind. It is true that when my personal firewall drops after various kinds of attack, stupid ideas get into my mind the way germs invade a wound and I do things that I would never do if I were in my right mind and a healthy state, but I have certainly been my own worst enemy where my health and wellbeing are concerned.

I have reached a point where I am determined to buy only harmless cleaning products such as soda crystals and white vinegar and gentle, ‘green’ ranges such as Ecover in future. I have been moving slowly towards this goal for some years now.  I can’t remember when I last bought a cleaning agent in a spray bottle.

A recent lapse – I used some very strong, lavender scented disinfectant - ruined a day out, and this has forced me to accept that I just can’t tolerate many popular products. They are full of harmful chemicals.  I rarely go into supermarkets now, but I remember feeling ill when walking along the aisles with the cleaning products. In any case, we don’t need all the different cleaning agents that advertisers try to persuade us are essential.  Many of the harmless, gentle, traditional products are very cheap, so there is an additional benefit from using them.

Another problem I have experienced is known as the “sick building syndrome”.  Windows that are sealed shut combined with inadequate air conditioning resulting in hot, airless offices have often reduced me to a bad state. Industrial cleaning agents, huge concentrations of WiFi and other electronic equipment giving out positive ions and furniture and carpets made out of artificial materials make the atmosphere even worse. I did notice that the two buildings where I felt particularly ill were both red-brown and built in the 1960s. I could not sleep for two nights after working there:  it seemed as though something was chewing holes in my energy field leaving me feeling like a moth-eaten old blanket.

I remember getting some temporary work after a long spell of unemployment: it was in a well-known modern building made of glass and steel, with sealed windows and air conditioning.  After a few hours there, I felt so ill I came close to saying I just couldn’t work there. Beggars can’t be choosers: I drank lots of water and endured the discomfort.

I eventually decided that a very low income and working at home (when I could get anything that is) were preferable to enduring the hell of working in modern offices. I also reached zero tolerance for noise, crowding, distractions, interruptions and human energy vampires.

Many people do not seem bothered by all this: they don’t feel the negative effects.  I seem to be hypersensitive to the emanations and chemicals. Perhaps this goes with being in touch with other dimensions and being able to sense unseen influences.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Unseen influences: curses and cursing

I can’t remember when I first made a connection between some disturbing incidents I had experienced in my life and the idea that some people are able to cause misfortune to others by ill-wishing or cursing them.  It was certainly some years after I first read Colin Wilson’s books Mysteries and The Occult, in which there are many examples of curses and cursing.

I would much rather believe in accidents, mere coincidences, and chance than the idea that some people do have and use this power, but personal experience has made me believe that the proposition is correct.

The incidents I have witnessed all involve perpetrators who were unaware of their powers and the effect that they had on the people around them. Unconsciously cursing someone is not the same as deliberately using spoken ritual to bring harm to a chosen victim. It often happens automatically; it usually comes from a very deep level in immediate response to what the perpetrator perceives to be an annoyance, a threat, an attack, an injury, a refusal to obey orders or a disappointing and unacceptable rejection.

It is unwise to raise this subject with most people: they have no experience of incidents such as these and cannot understand or accept the issues involved. Putting information online in the hope that the right people will be drawn to it and find it useful is a better option.

The first three incidents involve the same perpetrator:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Energy vampires in books: Terry Pratchett and J.K. Rowling

There are many articles about energy vampires (meaning the human kind, not electrical appliances on standby) to be found online. Some have nothing new or original to add to existing knowledge in either the material itself or the presentation and interpretation: they just repeat the basics; some are written by people who are trying to sell something: they consist of snippets surrounded by advertisements.

Many such articles are superficial, positioned at the level of pop psychology; others are all generalisations with nothing coming from personal experience. Many books are not much better.

Some of this information may be suitable for people who want an introduction to the subject, or to learn how to deal with a difficult colleague at the office or a negative, self-pitying mother who won’t get off the phone, but some of us want something deeper and more substantial, something that takes metaphysical factors and the very worst examples into account.

In this connection, I have found two examples of fictional energy vampires that resonate very strongly with me.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Unseen influences:should we forget it to get it?

I remember how devastated I felt when I first read somewhere that wanting something very much is likely to activate forces that prevent our getting it. People who can take it or leave it are more likely to get it. This rule seems very unfair, but it explains a lot. I just wish that I had learned it much earlier in life.

I noticed a similar rule operating in my life: one way to get something I want is to forget about it!

The shoes
I went on a trip that involved a lot of walking; I was not satisfied with the shoes I had so decided to get some new ones for my next trip. I went everywhere in the main shopping street and to a few other places; I spent many hours looking for something suitable, but came away with nothing. There was always a catch: shoes that I really liked were much too expensive; the cheaper ones did not have everything I was looking for in the same model. Where I liked the colour, they would not have my size; where I liked the style, they would not have the colour I liked.

I decided to forget it and wear the old shoes again. A few hours after letting go of the idea of new shoes, I was on my way home when my bus went past a clothes shop with a rack of shoes outside. I went to investigate, and found some perfect shoes on sale! I used to go past that shop most days, and this was the first, last and only time they had a rack outside. I felt that the universe had arranged everything just for my benefit.

I told this story to someone who was present on both trips, and she said that exactly the same thing had happened to her.  She just could not find anything suitable anywhere, so gave up and resigned herself to wearing her old shoes again. Not long after this, she happened to pass a charity shop, saw some shoes in the window, went inside to have a closer look and found that they were exactly what she was looking for. They were very cheap too!

The fantasy books
I wanted to read a series of fantasy novels again, but I no longer had the books. I vaguely remembered the stories, and felt a strong inclination to renew my acquaintance with them in the light of all the things I had learned and experienced since I first read them.  I scoured large numbers of local new and second-hand bookshops without success – this was before eBay and the Internet became options for me as I was very late to that game – and I gave up when I realised that the books were out of print.

Some weeks later, I felt an inclination to have a day out in a particular small town. I was wandering around the central area; I turned off into a side street, and came to a charity shop. Eight or so books by the author I was interested in were in the window, including all the ones I particularly wanted. I bought them all – for very little money. I just could not believe my luck. Even better, the magic had not gone and I enjoyed reading the books again after a very long interval.

Getting it while looking for something else
I noticed a pattern after some similar experiences. I would go out looking for something; I would not find it even after visiting many shops. I would put it out of my mind, and soon go on a hunt for something else.  I would not find the second item during the second expedition, but I would come across a perfect model of the first item I wanted. And I would find the second item while searching for a third or fourth!

It was as if I had notified the universe of what I wanted, done my share of the work by visiting many shops then handed the job over to a higher authority. By giving up, I was informing the universe that the ball was now in its court .

Somehow my concentration during the hunt for a particular item made it easy to guide me to a previously wanted one. It has to be spontaneous: it did not work when I deliberately tried to make it happen.

It seems that the way to get more experiences such as these, the way to get small things that we want, is to feel gratitude and appreciation and in particular to tell other people the story of our good luck and how happy we are to have got something that we wanted.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Unseen Influences: gratitude and appreciation attract good experiences

This article was created as a counterpoint to the one about distress signals attracting predators. It could be that these phenomena are two sides of the same coin: perhaps it is only people who draw predators to them when they are feeling terrible who get good experiences after expressing gratitude and appreciation and giving out positive signals.

I still remember a time many years ago when I felt delighted with a children’s book I found in a discount bookstore. It was based on the Pinocchio story; it had lovely coloured pictures and simple text; it was a great bargain. I gave the book to someone as a present for her little boy. She told me later that it was ideal because he had not been very interested in learning to read, but he loved Pinocchio and this book had inspired him to want to learn to read so he could understand the text. I didn’t know he couldn’t read very much, nor that he liked Pinocchio, but perhaps the universe did!

I was thinking about this a week or two later when wandering through a street market. I happened to look down while passing a toy stall, noticed a children’s book that looked interesting, picked it up and immediately decided to get it. It was similar to the Pinocchio book but much better, because many Disney characters were in it and it cost half as much! The small boy and his mother loved the pictures and the amusing captions, and so did I.

I remember putting my hand on a big, blanket type shawl that was hanging from my door while telling this same women how soft it was, how much I liked the colours and how little it had cost me; a few days later, by chance, I found an even better model  that cost half as much.

It seems that if we genuinely appreciate what we have, the universe will find something even better for us, ideally twice as good at half the price!

A few years later, I found some African animal toys in a street market; even though I wasn’t earning anything at the time, they were so cheap that I could afford them. They were very well made: the rhinoceros was especially realistic. I found a few other suitable gifts at very low prices in the same area. I told myself and someone else how lucky I was to be able to afford Christmas presents despite having no money.

A few days later I got some unexpected temporary work, which boosted my bank balance considerably. Not only that, but the mother of the little girl the animals went to said to me “How did you know?” When I said “Know what?”, she told me that she had bought an African jungle house with a straw roof for her daughter, and the animals all fitted in. The little girl put them to bed inside the house every night.

On another occasion, I was sent on a one-day course for people who were looking for work. I was amazed when they gave me a small expense allowance. I felt really grateful for some unexpected extra money, no matter how small the amount was. Soon after that, I was put on a three-week course where again I got a daily allowance. I did confess that I walked there so had no travel expenses and brought my own food so did not spend anything on lunch, but they said I was entitled to this money anyway. I felt very lucky to get it.  

Ever since I was introduced to the idea that gratitude and appreciation are a kind of currency with which we can buy good experiences, I have tried to feel those emotions as often as possible. Unfortunately this is much easier said than done: depression, exhaustion, worry and other negative states, not to mention a broken heart, can cause emotional paralysis.

Sometimes we are sabotaged by attacks by other people, knocked into a zone where no good feelings can exist and we are at risk from predators. It is always possible to have grateful and appreciative thoughts though: intention is everything in the other dimensions.

Unfortunately, the good experiences I have had resulting from good feelings are far outweighed by the bad ones resulting from feeling terrible.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Two exploited women: Maria Callas and the Duchess of Windsor

I remember watching a TV programme about the final years of the Duchess of Windsor in Paris. This reminded me of something I had read about the later life of Maria Callas.

Maria Callas’s death
Maria Callas was an American-born Greek soprano and one of the most renowned opera singers of the 20th century. She died at her home in Paris on September 16th 1977, after living in loneliness and isolation for many years.

A heart attack was given as the official cause of her death, but the following disturbing extracts from two articles I found online suggest a very different story:

Opera legend Maria Callas was murdered for her $9 million (GBP5 million) fortune, according to film director Franco Zeffirelli.
Zeffirelli, who has made a film of the soprano's last days called Callas Forever, is convinced the singer was poisoned in 1977 at the age of 53 by pianist Vasso Devetzi.

Zeffirelli explains, "In her last years, Maria was totally under the control of a woman named Vasso Devetzi. Little by little, she cleared everyone away.

"I have been told Maria left a will giving everything to her maid, her driver and a musicians' retirement home. But after she died, there was no sign of this will and Devetzi got most of what Maria had.
"Devetzi was giving Maria sleeping pills and amphetamines the whole time. It is legitimate to think that Devetzi killed Maria and then stole everything she had."

He adds that Devetzi, who is now dead, ordered for Callas's body to be "cremated immediately after the funeral service" and "there was never an autopsy" as it was widely suspected Callas died of a heart attack.”  28/11/2004

Read the full article here

According to biographer Stelios Galatopoulos, Devetzi insinuated herself into Callas's trust and acted virtually as her agent. This claim is corroborated by Iakinthy (Jackie) Callas in her book Sisters, wherein she asserts that Devetzi conned Maria out of control of half of her estate, while promising to establish the Maria Callas Foundation to provide scholarships for young singers. After hundreds of thousands of dollars had allegedly vanished, Devetzi finally did establish the foundation.

I'm also surprised by Callas' sister's behavior; she seems to have trusted Devetzi too much. It sounds like Devetzi pretended she was her friend and then cheated her out of a fortune.

Exactly, but Iakinthy seems to have been uncommonly naive. She turns up for the funeral and finds that the official next-of-kin is someone she never met before. Devetzi says "leave it all to me" and Iakinthy says "sure". Devetzi divides up Maria's possessions to be split between Meneghini and Iakinthy then tells Iakinthy that Meneghini stole most of her (Iakinthy's) share. Devetzi persuades Iakinthy to leave all affairs regarding the Callas Foundation in her (Devetzi's) hands, and Iakinthy says "fine, don't bother me with the details". Iakinthy signs over hundreds of thousands of dollars to Devetzi without bothering to check what she's doing with the money. Eventually, when Devetzi dies under unusual circumstances, we find, according to Galatopoulos, that the money (apparently between one and two million dollars) has been squandered.

Of course, Callas might have taken the precaution of leaving her will with her lawyer rather than in her apartment where it could be stolen by Devetzi. But she probably wasn't expecting to die suddenly and so was lax in this respect.”

Read the full article here

The Duchess of Windsor’s death
Wallis, Duchess of Windsor (previously Wallis Simpson) 19 June 1896 – 24 April 1986 was an American socialite whose third husband, Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom,  abdicated his throne to marry her.

I found some disturbing information online about her too:

“The Duchess of Windsor was permanently confined to her powder blue bedroom overlooking the lawns of her house in Paris. It was September 1977, five years after the death of her husband, the man who had been briefly, and scandalously, King Edward VIII, and she was in poor health. Her lapses of memory were worsening, a weakness that her French lawyer Suzanne Blum used to her great advantage.

With no family to advise her, the Duchess relied heavily on Blum. She was also terrified of the lawyer.”

Read more:

“The self-appointed spokesman for the ailing figure upstairs, Blum took over the Duchess’s house, reinterpreted her wishes, quaffed her champagne, ate from her china, and spoke on her “behalf”. She complained that Wallis, who did not watch television, was upset by the series Edward and Mrs Simpson, and claimed that it was the Duchess’s wish that the profit from the sale of her possessions should go to Aids research, an illness Wallis is unlikely to have heard of.

She prevented the Duchess from leaving her room and barred her friends from visiting, lest it be noticed that the royal treasures were disappearing. Some of these Blum pocketed, others she gave away. Most she sold for preposterously low prices, while manuscripts Wallis wanted destroyed – such as the “love letters” between herself and the Duke – Blum kept for future publication.

The relationship between Blum and Wallis was “one of the most sinister… ever formed between lawyer and client”.”

Read more here.

The two exploited women
There are some similarities in these chilling stories that may or may not be significant.

Both women were socialites who lived the high life, prominent celebrities who were part of the international jet set. Designer clothes and expensive jewellery were important to them. Both became isolated and fell into the power and under the evil spell of an exploiter. Both lived then died in Paris.

Perhaps the two exploiters represented the inner selves or the shadow side of their victims’ personalities. Perhaps this is what happens to worldly people who concentrate on image and externals and have false values. Perhaps this is what happens to unprotected, vulnerable, wealthy people who accumulate possessions and do not put their resources to good use.

Perhaps the two victims sold their souls for fame, fortune and status, and living in hell, being tormented and persecuted in their final years, was the price they had to pay for the earlier worldly success.