Monday, December 4, 2017

A meeting and another string of minor misfortunes

I have written about some days when everything went wrong for me in this articlethis articlethis article  and this article .

I described some minor misfortunes and unpleasant occurrences, their effects and my ideas about their causes. These bad days are exceptional, but they still happen.

The latest ‘one of those days’ was yesterday.

The misfortunes
They were very minor and also very typical.

I had left home and was walking towards the bus stop, when the sudden fear that I might not have switched off some plugs came into my mind. The fatal fire in the tower block in June has made me extra careful, so I went back and found that everything was in order. When my resistance is low, as it was at this time, wrong ideas get into my system like germs into a wound.

I went to get some money from the nearest ATM machine. Normally it says, "Please take your card and wait for your money", but this time it just said "Please wait" and I waited and waited and waited.

Eventually, I decided that something must be wrong so I pressed the Cancel button a few times, but nothing happened. I was very worried, and thought I would have to go into the bank first thing next morning and try to sort it out. Suddenly, the machine disgorged my money and card. It was lucky that I was still there to take them. I had trouble with this machine once before – again at a time when I was affected by bad energy.

I went on to pick up some parcels from a shop – I love the ‘Click & Collect’ option! I had intended to get there just before it opened, so I was worried that as I was behind schedule it would be packed with people. I worried unnecessarily. I had checked the opening time online, but actually they didn't open until one hour later so I had to kill some time. Then, they couldn't find one of my parcels. Eventually they tracked it down.

I went to a place where I could use my store card to get a free drink. 

When I went to get my coffee, one machine was not working and the other displayed, "Please wait" for a while, then, "Heating up". I have never seen these messages before.

I did eventually get my coffee, but how strange that two very different machines should tell me to wait. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something!

The cause of the recent incidents
Attending a big meeting a few days earlier had affected me badly. The room was full of undercurrents and bad energy. There were a few energy vampires there too. I try to avoid negative people and bad atmospheres, but this meeting was very important; the future of my home is at stake.

Some of my neighbours were very angry, vicious even. It was their chance to tell some local council members exactly what they thought of them and their plans for the area. It is also possible that negativity was directed at me, as some of my views were not too popular with some of my fellow residents. For example, I had said that a Twitter campaign and T-Shirts would not achieve anything at all and would direct resources into the wrong direction.

The bad effects
The small setbacks and minor misfortunes I experience when under the evil influences are nothing in comparison to the terrible feelings associated with them. I tried to describe in the first article listed above what it feels like to be badly affected by such negative energy; it was exactly the same on this occasion. It can also feel like being slowly crushed by a giant python or being chewed by moths.

It is strange how these feelings, or sensations, get worse and worse, peak, then gradually fade away. I think that yesterday was the peak day. I still am not up to much though, and still feel drained and empty. And, just as happened on a previous occasion, I had troubles with my laptop. This time, I couldn’t connect to the internet for a few hours. After a rest, we both recovered.

The worst aspect is that knowing the cause and knowing that sooner or later things will return to normal does not help at all.

I have learned that people who in the past used to trigger minor misfortunes now usually have no effect, but I think that my insulation was not strong enough in this case.

And I have at least two more important meeting ahead of me.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Diversity for its own sake: an encouraging story of resistance

The idea of diversity for its own sake makes no sense to me. It is unethical, and the premises and assumptions behind affirmative action and enforced quotas etc. seem all wrong. 

Appointing someone just because they tick the right boxes often leads to injustice and inefficiency; I have seen many examples of this for myself.

Some people are fighting for common sense, fairness, effectiveness and productivity. I have found an inspiring example from the US.

Cypress Semiconductor
This case goes back to 1996, but it is still relevant – and inspiring.
I found online a letter written by a Mr T. J. Rodgers, the then CEO of US company Cypress Semiconductor, to a group of nuns, shareholders in the company, in response to their complaint that the Directors were all white males.

Summary of the complaint
“... Sister Doris, speaking for the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia as a Cypress shareholder, expressed the view that a company ‘is best represented by a Board of qualified Directors reflecting the equality of the sexes, races, and ethnic groups.’ ...she closed her letter with the exhortation, ‘We urge you to enrich the Board by seeking qualified women and members of racial minorities as nominees.’

Selections from the response
Mr Rodgers' reply is very well expressed. It deserves worldwide publicity. It is much too long to reproduce here, but can be found, together with the full background story, on the Cypress website.

In his position, I might have been tempted to reply, “Go to hell you stupid old fools”, but the shareholders must be humoured I suppose. He does tell Sister Doris to get down from her high horse though!

Monday, November 20, 2017

St. John Rivers: Cult Leader

The inspiration for the title of this article came from the names of some recent mash-up novels such as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and the article itself was inspired by the sudden realisation that St. John Rivers, a character in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, has some of the typical characteristics of a charismatic cult leader. 

It was reading about people such as Corin Redgrave and Bronson Alcott to get material for forum posts about cults that stirred up memories of this fictional character. I went back to Jane Eyre to refresh my memory and look at St. John Rivers in the light of what I now know about cult leaders.

The first few times I read Jane Eyre, I passed quickly through the chapters where he appears as he seemed an unsympathetic, not very exciting character; I much preferred Mr Rochester and other parts of the book. This time around, St. John Rivers was the main person of interest and his conversations with Jane the main scenes of interest.

Re-reading the chapters in which he appears has confirmed my idea that he has some attributes in common with cult leaders and the two men mentioned above. St. John Rivers too is tall and handsome, with fair hair and blue eyes. He says himself that he has a hard, cold personality. He is a fanatic with a burning ambition to make his mark on the world.

In support of my case, here are some examples of the familiar attributes I found:

Unlimited ambition and a mission
Both Corin Redgrave and St. John Rivers had a compulsion to change the world - or even save the world.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Benjamin Disraeli and the New World Order

This article contains more of the material I found while looking for answers to some of the outstanding questions I had about Benjamin Disraeli’s personality, beliefs, interests and activities.

There are allegations that Disraeli was involved with the New World Order. Did sinister forces conspire to put him into a very high and influential position? Was he a pawn and a puppet or a middleman? 

Was he even a member of the sinister organisations himself, working to further a secret agenda?

Could it just be immense amounts of persistence, ambition and determination that got him to the top of the world of politics – with the help of some patrons – or were unseen influences at work in his life? I suspect that they were.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Books and films: big disappointments and pleasant surprises

On many occasions, I have gone to see a film or bought a book on the basis of a very promising trailer, extract or review only to have my high expectations severely disappointed.

On a very few occasions the exact opposite happened when I gave the benefit of the doubt to something that had bad reviews: I watched the film and read the book with very low expectations, only to get some pleasant surprises.

Perhaps it is time I learned not to fall for the very old trick where the best parts are used to entice people into watching the film or buying the book in the hope of getting much more of the same. The suckers discover the hard way that they have wasted their money; what they have already seen or read was as good as it gets.  

Saturday, November 4, 2017

L. Ron Hubbard and Charles Fort: a problem in common

I have noticed that not only do some people not get what they wanted, hoped for or expected, but they may also get exactly what they didn’t want.

One example is when people who want a specific type of audience, follower or reader, attract exactly the wrong sort of person.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Alternaticity: a new forum for old CC members

A new forum has been created.

There is not much on there at the moment, but we are working on it, which will take a while. Some of the material from the CC forum will be posted there.