Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unseen influences: accidents caused by energy vampires

It is a strange fact that every time I have had an accident where I was physically hurt, it occurred soon after I had been in contact with an energy vampire. Some of these accidents happened long before I even knew that energy vampires existed and started trying to protect myself from them; some happened long after I became aware of the problem. It isn't always possible to avoid energy vampires, unfortunately.

The broken wrist
The most serious of these accidents took place in the summer of the year 2000. It happened the morning after I was 'attacked' at work by a woman who was definitely an energy vampire. She was very much a type: jolly and hearty on the surface but probably desperate inside. I knew as soon as I first saw her that she was unsuitable for the position and would make trouble for the company and her fellow workers, but such people camouflage themselves at job interviews. They seem to hypnotise the interviewers and bypass their critical faculties.

I have seen many examples of her type: they all seem to be driven onwards and upwards, taking on more and more responsibility without regard for their personal well-being and ability to cope with high-powered positions. They appear to be hostages to something that is using them for its own purposes: perhaps it provides them with the power and smokescreen necessary to get these positions.
She soon manipulated herself into being put in charge of two more sections, even though she lacked the necessary experience. The result was that more people were obliged to approach her: perhaps she sensed that without this authority not many people would seek her out voluntarily. She was very loud, and seemed unbalanced to me: she was always shrieking with laughter. I avoided her as much as possible; many of my colleagues also thought that she was rather odd and not very competent.

I have seen people of this type target and try to hijack weak or sensitive victims. She took on some voluntary responsibilities for a group near where she lived; when these became too onerous, rather than say she could no longer help them she persuaded a colleague to assist her. He didn’t have the strength to say no: he was later found to be suffering from cancer.

One day, she cornered me in the office kitchen. I could sense something predatory in the background, and could not help shrinking away. I made an excuse and left. I suspect that she was annoyed with me because I would not fall under the spell and obey her unconscious command to talk to her. The next morning, I woke up feeling terrible; I wished that I didn't have to go into work that day. I also wished that someone would send me flowers and chocolates. Be very careful what you wish for: you will probably end up getting it.
I got out of bed, slipped and fell and broke my wrist, so there was no need to go to work that day. This was the first time I had ever broken something. It happened because I had left a magazine by my bed: it was a free one and the pages were made of cheap, flimsy, slippery paper; I slipped when I stood on it and fell heavily. It happened very quickly, and was a very strange fall. I did not just sit down suddenly as often happens: I fell forward.

I remember feeling paralysed, as if under a spell. I could not put out a hand to save myself as would normally happen: I just watched helplessly as my hand turned over and inwards as if something were moving it. I hit the floor with the back of my wrist, which took my entire weight. It was like a hammer blow.

The accident was primarily my fault: it would not have happened if I had not left that magazine on the floor. However, I am convinced that unconscious revenge on the part of that woman was involved. There is also the question of my wishes, which were made when I was in a twilight state. I even got the chocolates and flowers: I had a particular source in mind, but my fellow workers sent them when they heard about the accident.

The doctor said that it was one of the worst fractures he had ever seen. I was very worried that the plaster would not come off in time for a trip overseas, but it was removed two days beforehand. The injury still caused problems though, as my arm was very weak.

This woman caused another accident some months after the first one: she barged into the office where I and some colleagues were working hard to get a big mailing out, interrupting us for no good reason. Perhaps she sensed that she wasn't welcome and resented this. Just after she left, I somehow hit myself in the eye with the corner of an envelope. I don't know how it could have happened: I was wearing glasses. My hand just moved by itself. My eye poured with tears for a long time afterwards.

As I knew she would, this woman did cause a lot of unnecessary expense and trouble for the company. Among many other things, she made some bad choices when taking on new employees.   Such people often embed themselves in a company and are impossible to dislodge, but she eventually left to take on a more suitable job, one with much less responsibility. I wonder whether the fact that I had identified her immediately as an energy vampire and linked various incidents to her had anything to do with her departure.

The indoor fireworks and the bad fall
I mentioned a feeling of paralysis while falling and shattering my wrist: this was not the first time I had experienced this feeling. I had another accident that was not so serious, on an occasion when I was looking for some indoor fireworks to entertain some children. I went to a shop that I was sure would have some. As I was going in through the door, I passed someone who was coming out. I sensed immediately that she was an energy vampire. I think that she sensed my reaction, which was automatic. It was not so much her appearance - although she looked like an evil old witch - but her inner personality that affected me badly.

The idea came into my mind that the fireworks were downstairs - I was wrong about this. I remember feeling something like an invisible blow; I fell from the top all the way to the bottom, bumping from stair to stair, unable to put out a hand to save myself: I was completely paralysed. Luckily I was not badly hurt, although I was very shaken and badly bruised. When I first saw the expression 'psychic punch' ( I think it was in one of Dion Fortune's books ), it seemed like a very good description of what I felt had caused my fall.

Despite this incident, my little firework party went very well.

Some relatively minor damage
A few years after I broke my wrist, I had two similar but less serious accidents, of diminishing severity. Yet again, they happened soon after I had shrunk away from someone who had a bad effect on me.
The first accident was caused by a woman who came in to facilitate a one-day workshop: I had never met her before and haven’t seen her since. I was horrified when I first saw her: I could sense something very unpleasant below the surface and I recognised the type. There is no -ism of any kind in this, just self-preservation. 

The day after the workshop, I felt the usual symptoms: I was very down and dispirited. I had arranged to meet a former colleague who was in the UK for a few days only, but wished that I did not have to go out.

We crossed a road; I somehow hit the outside of my ankle on the kerb. As usual, I did not know quite how it happened: one minute I was walking with my friend, the next I was almost on the ground.  I obviously did not step high enough, but somehow my foot turned sideways and I hit the ankle bone very hard indeed: all my weight went into the blow. It was as if something had taken over and smashed my ankle against the kerb. It was like a hammer blow. I managed to hobble home, and stayed inside for the next few days. It was lucky that I didn't break anything, but the injury was very painful and it took several weeks before I could walk normally again. It may be just a coincidence, but it happened on the corner of Tavistock Street, and the name ‘Tavistock’ has a very bad reputation among conspiracy theorists.

The next time this sort of thing happened, it was on a day when yet again I had shrunk from an energy vampire who was standing much too close when she talked to me. When I got home, my foot behaved as though something had taken it over: I walked into a metal ladder and did some damage to two toes. This was the day before I went on a short break, which was partly sabotaged by my inability to walk very far.

Falling from a moving bus
This accident happened when I was only six years old. I had been taken by my father to stay with another family because of trouble at home. He escorted me to my new school on the morning of my first day there, but I had to find my own way home, although I didn’t know the area. I never arrived: I had an accident on the way back.

He had casually mentioned a bus number before suddenly disappearing; I caught the bus he had told me to get but it was the wrong one: this sort of thing was typical of my father. I remember panicking when the bus seemed to be going the wrong way. When the bus stopped, I decided to get off. I was a little late: the bus was already moving away from the stop. I jumped off anyway. I can't remember anything more about this incident: my next memory is of waking up in hospital. I wasn’t badly hurt by the fall; what did hurt was the feeling of being unsupported, unprotected and out on a limb.

This accident had a strange spin-off, decades later. After meeting someone for a meal, I started to think about the grudge I held against her mother, and then about other grudges in my life. One of the earliest I could remember was connected to this accident. When I was in the hospital, a woman had come to visit me and ask a few questions. After she had gone, a nurse told me that she was a policewoman. She was not in uniform as she didn’t want to frighten me. I felt cheated: I would not have been frightened at all. The streets are full of uniformed policewomen, but deep down inside I always felt that I had missed out. As I was reviewing this and other cases, my doorbell rang. It was two uniformed policewomen! They wanted the flat next door. What a coincidence.

Accidents certainly do happen. On the other hand, as it says many times in Kung Fu Panda: ‘There are no accidents’. I am certain that all of mine could have been avoided.

Examples of incidents and accidents that occur after contact with an energy vampire can be found in some of the writings of Dion Fortune and Arthur Guirdham.