Saturday, June 6, 2015

Speaking about energy vampires: some good results

This may just be coincidence, but the person responsible for the recent attack I described in this article has just left the neighbourhood. A move has been on the cards for around five years now: she has been stalling people and stringing them along. Suddenly it all came to a head and she is gone.

I am now wondering whether my identification of the source and cause of the familiar symptoms I experienced had anything to do with her sudden departure. Are there unwritten rules about this? Had I blown her cover?

I always felt worse after encountering her as she was hostile and unpleasant - I had been avoiding her for many years because of this - but I did not use the words ‘energy vampire’ to myself until after the recent attack. I used the recovery time to join some dots, and linked my symptoms with the results of previous attacks.

One of the worst aspects of feeling as bad as I did is that knowing that the feelings I am experiencing are just nightmarish symptoms that will soon fade away makes no difference at all. Knowing from experience that energy and inclination will return and that I will once again feel alive and able to enjoy things does not help. This lack of inspiration and optimism is actually one of the worst symptoms.

Another connection I made is that I sometimes feel even better after an attack than I did before it. Could this be some kind of reward for not giving in? Is it a consequence of making connections?   

It is not long since even making a cup of tea seemed a bit too much like hard work, but in the last few days I have been easily and happily coping with new and demanding tasks. I have also been approached by a potential new client.

Is all this, good and bad, just a coincidence?