Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Psychic shocks, black clouds and their consequences

Whenever an unpleasant event or painful incident occurs, I look back for a possible cause. As I have described in many other articles, there is often an energy vampire in the case. Being weighed down by a black cloud of bad energy and having had a jarring shock are other frequently-occurring features.

I have remembered a few more incidents; I am recounting these events in the hope of helping people who have had similar experiences but have not made the necessary connections.

I will start with two similar unwelcome encounters.

The first unwelcome person from the past
As I have described in a previous previous article, I fell and shattered my wrist after being in the company of an energy vampire.

People were very kind and helpful while the break was mending: they packed my shopping for me; I got a discount from one man just because my arm was in a sling. Then it all changed.
I visited the fracture clinic several times, getting a different doctor on each occasion. The last one was South African; he had such a strong accent that it was difficult to understand what he was saying. I was not feeling well; I had trouble concentrating. Then he suddenly said something about my condition that made everything seem much worse.

I left the clinic feeling shaken and vulnerable. The streets and the people in them seemed alien, hostile and sinister. I passed a group of young men who laughed at me and said, “Look at her, she's got a broken arm.” I had to pack my shopping myself: the man on the till was detached and indifferent and ignored my struggles. 

Then, as I was walking down a street near to home, I saw someone from the very distant past in front of me, someone I didn't want to meet. Luckily, he had not seen me; he was walking along as if in a trance. I went off down a side street and reached home safely with no further incidents.

The second unwelcome person from the past
This is another, more recent, case involving shock and worry.

I very stupidly got off my bus two stops too soon. Someone accosted me at the bus stop. I had trouble identifying her, but eventually remembered who she was. She seemed to have gone downhill; she behaved as if no time had passed since we had last met: it was actually around 12 years. She behaved as if entitled to my company although she had been just an acquaintance. She wanted to know why I no longer went to gatherings. I said it was because people had lied to me; she said, “No one lied to you.” This was just not true and it brought out the worst in me. This was not the time and place for political discussions and I knew by then that it was useless to argue with people who are attached to a cult-like organisation, so I said that I had an appointment (true) and walked away.

So what do I think caused this unwelcome encounter?

A few days earlier, I had received a quotation for work to be done on my flat. The total amount was more than twice what I was expecting to pay. I didn't have much money, and after living very frugally for many years the thought of spending a huge amount seemed very alarming. The estimate gave me a horrible jarring shock. I had trouble sleeping; I was very worried about what I was letting myself in for, both financially and practically; I was dreading having my sanctuary invaded by a lot of noisy workmen. So I was living under a dark cloud when the incident happened.

The interrogation
Another incident happened after I had visited a computer repair shop after some unsatisfactory phone calls and realised that I had been cheated and lied to. They had kept me waiting for weeks, charged me for faults that had not existed when I first took my laptop in, and pretended that they had sent my laptop back to the manufacturer for repair. I had paid out a lot of money and got nothing in return. I walked back home feeling very depressed. The black cloud got worse and worse.

I was standing in the entrance hall of my block of flats waiting for the lift when I heard some tapping on the window. I saw a group of three men standing outside, and ignored them because I did not like the look of them. The lift took its time arriving; I heard one of them call out the entry code, then suddenly they were all inside. I realised that one of them knew the number because he lived in the block, but still felt uncomfortable because they surrounded me and another of the men started interrogating me. He was very tall and spoke with a German accent. He stood over me and I felt intimidated by him.

They wanted information about an empty flat near to mine. I really didn't like the idea of having this man as a neighbour; I thought of something that might deter him from wanting to move in: I told him that many people move out because the flats are very small and they want more space and maybe a garden too. I mentioned the poor air quality and the street noise. I didn't answer when they asked me several times what number flat I lived in. So although I felt compelled to answer some of the questions when I should have referred the men to the letting agent, it could have been worse.

As always, if I had been able to deal with this incident effectively, it would never have occurred in the first place. Distress signals attract predators.

Eventually I got away. I never saw that German man again; the empty flat got a very different occupant.

I soon found another, very good, PC repair company, where I learned that the cheating company had a very bad reputation. They would cause hardware problems then charge for fixing them. I was furious when I heard this. I wrote a letter of complaint to the head of the unethical company and received no answer. I was very angry about that. It was not long afterwards that his company went bankrupt.

So how do these things work?
It is easy to describe what happened; it is possible to make connections and form some theories about why it happened; understanding how it all works is another matter.

My theory is that these jarring and jolting shocks can cause our personal firewalls to drop, letting in psychic infections and surrounding us with negative energy that attracts trouble and unpleasant people. This assumes that we have this protection in the first place. I suspect that I was operating without insulation, without a 'personal security suite', for much of my life.

Distress signals and an inability to cope attract predators and victimisers.

I wonder whether jarring shocks knock us through into a twilight world where everything is upside down and back to front and that is populated only by undesirables. Everything suddenly changes and goes into reverse. It feels as though the sun has gone in and a bitter wind has started to blow. Some people spend their entire lives in this world.

Perhaps some kind of telepathy is at work. Perhaps everything is choreographed by hostile and sinister entities. I wonder where the impulse to get off at the wrong bus stop came from; I had been to the area several times before and would not have made this mistake if I had been in a healthy state. I wonder what impelled those two people to come to places where I would encounter them. Were they drawn by me? Were they sent by something, perhaps as a warning?

So what can be done about these things?
Understanding alone can bring an improvement. Avoiding people and events that cause these shocks is very sensible, although it isn't always possible. Building one's health and strength, trying to stay grounded and present in this world, and living a balanced life also work well. The battle needs to be fought on several fronts. The goal is to reduce the number of shocks and to lessen the effects.

I remember a small incident that gives an example of how facing reality and setting priorities has a positive effect.

I was working in a small group that had worked very hard producing and testing software to a very high standard and a very tight schedule. We got everything ready by the deadline, then someone came over to tell us that the going-live date had been postponed. We had all pushed ourselves and worked very long hours for nothing.

I took the news very calmly; these things happen; I just said that we had done our bit by getting everything ready to go and it was out of our hands now. By that time in my life, I had realised that work needed to be treated as much lower priority than learning about energy vampires and unseen influences and strengthening myself. There had been a time when such a setback would have upset me very much, but I had moved on.

One man in the group, someone I was always rather wary of, got hit hard by the bad news. I guess that it gave him a jarring shock. Not only did he seem very upset, but two people rushed to the scene like taxis driven by evil spirits and converged on him. They ignored me as if I didn't even exist: I had to jump out of their way. They all started arguing; I wasn't involved and I wasn't affected by the negativity.

Positive effects of a shock
This happened a very long time ago; I can't remember what caused the shock, just the results.

What I do remember is that the after-effects were good for once. I had written off for a free recipe leaflet a few months earlier; when nothing arrived I assumed that they had all gone and I had missed the boat. I was astounded when the leaflet came in the post a few days later, together with a few other overdue items.

I had a phone call from someone I had not heard from for ages, someone whose approach was actually very welcome.

Perhaps this would have happened anyway. I think that some of my affairs had been shaken up and woken up.

I have had many psychic shocks in my time, but this was the only one that had a positive effect.