Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Princess Diana’s death and the backfiring feature

I noticed the sacrificed son feature in this case a while back: the ruthless self-made social climber Mohamed Al Fayed lost his son Dodi in the crash that killed Princess Diana.

I have just noticed another familiar element: the backfiring. This is where not only do some people not get what they want and think they are about to get, but they often also lose what they already had. Everything goes horribly wrong. Their hopes and ambitions are raised sky high only to be shattered. Instead of elated, they end up devastated.

This is what happened to Mohamed Al Fayed. He may have been delusional or indulging in wishful thinking, but he thought that his son Dodi was going to marry Princess Diana. Not only did this not happen, not only did he not get any of the publicity, respect, acceptance and attention he counted on, not to mention the opportunity to live in reflected glory and ‘show’ everyone that he confidently expected, but he also lost his son too.

I know that many people believe that Diana had no intention of marrying Dodi, saying that she just liked free holidays on the yacht and wanted to get attention and make Hasnat Khan jealous, but Dodi’s father did everything he could to further the relationship. He ordered Dodi to leave the model he was engaged to and give attention to Diana and ensure that she had a good time.

It is putting it mildly to say that all his wishes, plans and actions backfired.

It is said that by wanting something very much, we attract forces that prevent us from getting it.

It is possible that uncontrolled ambition is both caused and thwarted in disconnected, unprotected people by some sadistic and evil force.

As always, identifying a feature is one thing; understanding the mechanics behind it is something else.