Monday, January 4, 2010

Energy vampires: my thoughts and memories Part II

How energy vampires feed
Some authorities say that the draining is done via the second or third chakra: this is very interesting as I remember having stomach pains that made me clutch myself and wrap my arms around myself when I was in the presence of certain members of my family. Energy vampires tend to stand very close, and parents may insist that you look at them when they are talking to you.  They may approach you silently so that you are thrown off balance when they startle you: this makes it easier for them to feed. I have experienced this many times. I have also been on the receiving end of techniques such as talking and complaining non-stop as a distraction from what they are doing, and continually asking stupid and unnecessary questions just as a pretext to approach and feed.

They do not always need to be in their victims’ company: if there is a personal connection they can extract energy over the phone; they may send unpleasant letters or emails that give their victims a shock that lowers their defences so that the energy vampires can feed remotely.

Some vampires may not have specific victims: they drain the world at large by exerting a huge pull on the environment. They need fuel for their fantasies, and this can come from people whom they have never even met such as neighbours, fellow workers and people in public places.

The effects that vampires have on their victims
Symptoms of being attacked by an energy vampire can range from very mild through seriously damaging and terrible to fatal. The symptoms can manifest physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes the effects are felt immediately and the victim tries to limit contact in the future; sometimes the victim is so far gone that they have lost the ability to monitor their sensations (some of the worst cases have never even been in a position to do this)  and remove themselves from a dangerous situation.

Victims seem to be hypnotised, temporarily or permanently; their critical faculties may be paralysed and they may lack the vocabulary and concepts necessary to describe their situation.  They often cannot find the strength to confront the vampire or get away: neither flight nor fight is possible. I am still trying to understand why I let my sister behave the way she did for so long, and why I never confronted her about the terrible effect that she had on me.

I still remember reading for the first time about flu symptoms, continual yawning, feeling very cold, minor accidents, obsessive thinking, general debility and loss of interest and enthusiasm, and recognising them all as something that I had experienced on a regular basis. These are just some of the minor effects.

Feeling unclean,  suffering from ‘psychic AIDS’ and ‘emotional haemophilia’, feeling negative and demoralised with no inclination at all to see anyone, do anything or go anywhere, experiencing great weakness and feeling more dead than alive: these are common effects in the more serious cases, and I have experienced them all.

Severe depression and devitalisation can reduce the victims to the point where they can’t cope with anything or anyone. Making a cup of tea seems like a major project that they haven’t got the resources for, and a minor setback or unexpected demand becomes the last straw that makes them want to lie down and die. This is a terrible state to be in, and I had to endure it for many years. I never had the opportunity to get into a healthy state. Vampires may let you build up resources for a while, but this is just for their benefit: they let you get up only to knock you down again.

Other phenomena connected with energy vampires
Energy vampires often surround anyone in their vicinity with an unpleasant atmosphere that attracts trouble and undesirable people. Victims may find that bad luck and bizarre incidents are common in their lives after they have been in contact with an energy vampire. Victims may even become invisible: this has happened to me many times! Every time in my life that I have been badly hurt physically, it happened shortly after being in the company of an energy vampire.

I reacted very strongly when I first read that energy vampires often invite people round then just sit there for hours, ignoring their visitor until the victim decides to leave. Then they start protesting frantically and using delaying tactics. This is very true: it happened to me many times. Energy vampirism is the explanation: they are not interested in you and they don’t really want your company, they just want your vital energy. When energy vampires are invited to visit, again they may just sit there not saying much until the time comes to leave, when they may behave like someone who is being evicted.

Another symptom that I recognised immediately is that sometimes you can't wait to get away from them, then, later, when you are out of the danger area, you feel guilty for avoiding them so pick up the phone. Then you feel drained again, and cut the contact short. And so on. This neurotic game can last for decades: I played it myself for many years.

Another effect is that the victims sometimes explode in anger: this is because they feel the pressure that comes from being targeted. Energy vampires often irritate the hell out of people, possibly because of their unconscious demands and resentment, and cannot seem to understand why their colleagues and family get angry with them so often. I remember how my father’s stepmother exploded one day when he annoyed her once too often by not contributing to the conversation.

I suppressed my anger with my youngest sister until one day she went too far. Finally, I had had enough: her behaviour unloosed a volcanic eruption of fury; I actually called her a vampire. I have not spoken to her nor heard from her since that day. She knew that the game was up, that she could no longer manipulate me and that I no longer cared what happened to her.

It is possible to be brought to the state where instead of living in fear of what the vampire will do to themselves if you don’t help them, you only wish they would kill themselves because then the persecution will stop. Only years of torture would bring the victim to such a state.

Vampires on the train: a good example of the effect that an attack can have
I have noticed something strange: sometimes it takes a while before the effects of an attack or draining are fully felt. It gets worse before it gets better. I remember a train journey from Amsterdam, where I saw two people who really stood out and attracted a lot of attention: they were a young, very attractive and glamorous couple in evening dress. Perhaps they were actors. The man passed very close to me on the way to his seat.
I was not interested in them at the time, but I immediately thought of them the next day when I woke up and felt the same old symptoms coming on. I felt weak, shaky and tearful and not up to doing anything even though I was supposed to be sight-seeing in Brussels. I did eventually drag myself out. The symptoms got worse during the day. Someone selling food became impatient with me for no reason – exactly the sort of experience I had learned to expect when under the influence – and I had trouble finding my way back to the place where I was staying when I decided to cut my losses and forget about sightseeing for the moment. I was in the next street and I had a good map, but I was very disoriented and kept turning the wrong way. 

At least I knew what had caused my problems, and I had a quiet place to recover in, but I was very depressed because my short holiday had been sabotaged. I was almost back to normal by the end of the following day.

I still don’t understand why the symptoms can peak long after the attack; from what I remember this is more common after these casual, general attacks rather than after personal attacks from a family member.

Two images in the mirror: a way to lessen the effects
I remember recoiling in horror one day when I saw myself in the bathroom mirror just after coming home from work: I looked old, tired, ill, unpleasant and very unattractive. I looked pale, faded and withered. I felt that I was the sort of person no one would want to be friends with.  Less than one week later, I went into the bathroom soon after waking up in the morning - a time when people normally look far from their best - and I was quite pleased with what I saw in the mirror. I was feeling good too. So what happened here?

In the first case, bad timing was responsible. I decided to go home on time for once; I slipped away but unfortunately a colleague was leaving the office at the same time. He called to me to hold the lift for him. He introduced me to his girlfriend after we got out of the lift downstairs: she was sitting downstairs in the reception area waiting for him. She made my warning bells ring, to put it mildly. I was very wary of this colleague, and was not surprised to see that he was involved with someone like that. I think that she was an energy vampire and that this was the cause of the bad effect on my appearance. Or perhaps I had just picked up some bad energy from her. If I had left just a few seconds earlier or later, I might have escaped this encounter.

In the second case, I had spent a long time the previous day talking about metaphysical things to another colleague. Good feelings were involved on both sides. My explanations seemed to clear the air around me, and talking to this man about coincidences and synchronicity had a very positive effect on me. Perhaps I was being rewarded for passing on useful information to someone who made good use of it.

There does appear to be a connection between my appearance in the mirror and the people I had spoken to, who were both out of the ordinary. The implications of this are interesting, but disturbing where the bad effects are involved. Unaware people with energy vampires in the family could have their job interviews and potential relationships sabotaged in this way. On the other hand, illuminating conversations with people who have a very positive effect may undo some of the damage that energy vampires cause.