Sunday, March 3, 2013

Unseen influences: Washington and other places with sinister associations

The idea that some locations are psychically dangerous and unpleasant to visit or live in is very old. For example, scenes of murders, houses where there was a lot of pain and suffering, former prisons, battlefields, plague pits and places where black magic rituals have been performed are often full of bad energy and evil vibrations. Sensitive people often avoid pubs and butchers’ shops for similar reasons.

There is another side to this: while some people might avoid such places, others might be drawn to them, consciously or unconsciously, as if following a psychic trail. I have personal experience of this.

remember thinking to myself “I might have known!” and “Why am I not surprised?” when I first read that Sussex, where I lived for some years as a child, is a place with strong black magic connections.

When I read in one of David Icke’s books that Ryde on the Isle of Wight also has bad occult connections, I had the same reaction. I stayed there for a short time as a child: a younger sister was actually born there – perhaps this explains her behaviour.

have always thought of Worthing in Sussex as my home town. I have always seen it as a quiet, rather boring place compared with nearby Brighton. I learned only very recently that it was a stronghold of Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists and was known as ‘The Munich of the South’. We lived there for a short time, moved away, returned, moved away and returned once more. My father and step-mother were involved with very left-wing organisations and I was force-fed with the ideology that they were obsessed with, yet there was in parallel an undercurrent of and fascination with extreme right-wing views, activities and people too. No wonder they were drawn to Worthing.

David Icke says that Brussels is a centre of evil; this is interesting as Charlotte Brontë spent some time as a pupil-teacher in a girls’ school there. It does seem rather a strange place for someone of her background and era to go to. I spent a few days there myself; much of this visit was ruined by a chance encounter with an energy vampire.

After reading more of Icke’s work, I decided that almost everywhere seems to have bad energy and evil connections according to him! Most of what he says did not seem very relevant to my own life - until I read what he wrote about Washington, and how he felt ill all the time he was there. He mentions the districts of Arlington and Alexandria as being particularly bad, which was electrifying as I had stayed in both of those places during my one and only trip to Washington, which at the time seemed like a nightmare. I felt terrible for the whole of my visit.

did not choose the places I stayed in: it was all organised by other people.  I was taken to the National Mall in the central area: there is the Washington Monument obelisk at one end of the long vista and the white dome of the Capitol at the other end. I was standing between the two when someone I had made the journey to the US specifically to meet said some horrible things to me. The result of this was that I fed a lot of pain into a key area; my hope for the future had just been destroyed. This is very interesting in terms of what people such as Icke say about sacrifices being made at key nodes and techniques such as ‘kettling’ being used to feed power into dedicated areas.

The central Washington area when seen from above shows some interesting designs that some people believe have Masonic associations.

In connection with following psychic trails and being drawn to houses where there has been much pain and suffering, there are two big ‘coincidences’ in my life:

The first is that for a short time my family lived just around the corner from what Rudyard Kipling called ‘The House of Desolation’ in Southsea. This was ‘Lorne Lodge’, where he and his sister stayed when their parents sent them home from India.

have written about Bronson Alcott, his Aryan Supremacist views, the elevated ideology and the suspicious deaths in his family. His only visit to the Old World involved a brief stay in Stoke Newington in London. He came over here just to visit a particular school, named Alcott House in his honour. 'By chance', my family stayed in Stoke Newington for a few years.

will never now know for sure what was behind the decisions to move us to so many different places, places with such significant associationsUnseen influences certainly seem to have been at work in my family. Perhaps someone really was following a psychic trail.