Sunday, September 15, 2013

Defence Against the Dark Arts Part V: Conspiracy Theory Humour

I have mentioned how junk food, many TV programmes and junk advertisements on the radio made me feel ill: I just can’t tolerate them. I feel the same way about much of the information and discussions to be found online: bad English, unpleasant language, crass juvenile humour, meaningless drivel and incomprehensible posts that add nothing of value to a discussion all have a bad effect on me. It is too time-consuming and too demoralising to be worth trawling through the dross in the hope of finding an occasional gem. These do exist though, and some are very witty or hysterically funny.

I once found a website called Godlike Productions that can provide some amusement in the form of very long threads with titles such as I am a former member of the Illuminati: ask me a question.

Or, even better, I am God: ask me anything.

The David Icke website sometimes has some amusing posts too. For example, a recent thread entitled Reptile sub-species ‘The Companions’ starts:

 “I am a member of this race. There are just under 3,000 of us on Earth; mostly in locations with advanced human technology and culture. We are a neutral race… I am concerned that I may be attacked for revealing this information but it is needed... I will be answering questions, as long as the intent is not hostile. We do not deal with hostility as it conflicts with our final goal of true peace through neutrality.”

One of the best responses addressed to the reptilian 'Kersh' was:

Did you obtain a work visa when you came to this planet? We have rules on immigration you know. How long have you been here? Did you enter the atmosphere illegally?”

I was searching for information about ‘Pindar’, as David Icke had mentioned him in the context of reptilians and this reminded me that, by coincidence, I once worked in a building that was very close to a Pindar Street. Pindar is variously reported to be a dragon king, white skinned reptilian royalty, a high level Satanist, a Rothschild and Prince Charles’s real father.

I found a question and answer thread on Godlike Productions called All questions on Reptilians are welcome here. Although the anonymous poster seems to think that Pindar is a lizard as opposed to a dragon, I think that his question is absolutely brilliant and very funny:

“If I were to pull on Pindar’s tail, would it come off?”