Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dion Fortune on energy vampires

The occultist Dion Fortune made some interesting statements about energy vampires that are worth discussing.  I can’t remember which of her books they came from; I have paraphrased her words from memory and some scribbled notes.

She likened an energy vampire and victim to a bullfrog and sucked-out orange.

This is a very memorable image. I think it must apply mainly to powerful, driven and glamorous energy vampires, those who need and obtain excessive amounts of extra energy. Many energy vampires are being vampirised themselves - possibly by other people, possibly by some internal parasitic obsession or idea - so they appear shrivelled, diminished and sucked out too.

I am reminded of Petra Kelly, one of the founders of the German Green Party, who is reported to have got through seventeen secretaries in eight years:

“I loved her dearly,” said Heinz Suhr, a Green Party spokesman, “but some hated her. They called her a vampire, sucking the energy out of those around her. She was too big a star.”

Dion Fortune mentioned a ‘swift downward swoop’ made by an energy vampire, which resulted in a loss of vitality in the victim.
This reminds me of an incident that happened before I had even heard of the expression ‘energy vampire’. I was walking in a busy street, and someone altered her course so it converged on mine. I felt a strange sensation: ‘swift downward swoop’ describes it very well.

I was immediately reminded of this incident when I first read Dion Fortune’s words. It was as if someone had put something over me, then pulled it downwards and away. I felt as though I had been trawled. There was something else: I also felt as though someone had scraped downwards on my heart, my central core, with a sharp finger nail.

I think it is more common for the victims of energy vampires to feel pulled at and drained. I have often felt this way, but have only once experienced the downward swoop.

Dion Fortune said that you can’t break the vampire-victim link and cure the victim simply by cutting them off from someone: break the circuit and you destroy the victim. She thought that it was necessary to substitute a decent person for the energy vampire, and to replace the unhealthy magnetism with wholesome energy.

Perhaps she was referring to a special type of energy vampirism, one involving ritual and magical binding. I have found that breaking contact has very positive effects on the victim. Perhaps there are dependent victims and those who are independent, given a chance.