Sunday, May 11, 2014

Unseen influences: good luck and good timing

There are people for whom nothing ever seems to go right. It seems as though someone has cursed or put an evil spell on them. They make bad decisions and miss opportunities; their timing is always off; everything they want seems out of reach, and if they do get something they want it turns sour; they get bad service and never seem to find good bargains; they find unpleasant people everywhere they go. They may feel paranoid – for good reason.

I have had experience of this, and attribute it to being under the influence of energy vampires.

It is possible to break the spell, lift the curse, turn bad luck into good and completely turn our lives around.  This gives us feelings of positive paranoia: we feel that the universe is arranging things just for our benefit.

An example of this happened to me as recently as yesterday. I had been looking for some weeks for an item for my home office. Nothing I found online or in shops seemed ideal: I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, just that I would know it when I saw it. The model I liked best was in the US and would have cost a fortune in shipping fees, so I thought that I would have to settle for something unexciting that would merely serve its purpose.

I felt an inclination to visit a district with a good shopping centre. I just happened to come out of a side street to find myself looking at something in a shop window that was perfect for me in every way. The style, the colour, the size were ideal. I felt that the universe knew what I wanted even better than I did. The shop was closing down so it was being sold at half price.

I wanted to save on delivery charges so decided to take it away with me. It was heavy and getting it home was very stressful: I wished that I had asked them to deliver it. However, I found helpful people all along the way, including a neighbour who appeared just at the right moment to help me manoeuvre the box around the front door of my block of flats. I had not seen him for many years: the residents usually come and go without meeting anyone else.

Just after I had put the box down and started to open it, the postman rang as he had a package that needed my signature. I was expecting it to come next week. Once again, I was ‘by chance’ in the right place at the right time.

I had another look online, and the nearest model to what I had bought cost a lot more and was not nearly as attractive.

I wondered what I had done to deserve this. Perhaps it was a reward for trying to help others by getting my ideas out there. Gratitude and appreciation are like a currency with which we are able to buy even more good experiences: perhaps I had earned this one by being very grateful for being directed to other places where I found great bargains and items I had been looking for.