Friday, April 17, 2015

Two recent fires in Central London: areas with masonic connections

There have been two fires in Central London recently that are of great interest to people who study unseen influences: one an underground electric cable fire in Kingsway, one in the lift motor room on the roof of a building in Great Portland Street. The second fire broke out this afternoon. Both fires caused black smoke to rise into the air over Central London.

Both areas have masonic connections: Freemasons’ Hall, the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England, is in Great Queen Street, just off Kingsway; Great Portland Street is close to Portland Place, where no. 33 has some interesting associations:

"The Holroyds were a very well connected family and often had influential guests to stay. For a period after 1835, for instance, Lord Charles Townsend, an immensely wealthy gentleman and Grand Master of the Freemasonic Lodges, inhabited the premises. Many residents have since chanced a glimpse of Lord Charles’ ghost drifting down the main staircase clad in Templar robes!"

Read more about no 33 here:

If you look a map, you will see that both areas have a road with a crescent at one end: they form a pattern that looks like an Olympic torch. One crescent (Aldwych) is at the south end of Kingsway; the other (Park Crescent) is at the north end of Portland Place.

The BBC broadcast from their Bush House building in the Aldwych until 2012; they are still using Broadcasting House in Portland Place.

No. 33 Portland Place is halfway between the BBC building and the flat where Jimmy Savile used to live. 

Read more about the Portland Place area and see the torch design from above. There is more information about the Kingsway area here.

It is interesting that Freemasons use the terms ‘high twelve’ and ‘low twelve’ for noon and midnight, and one fire was low underground and the other was high in the air. Underground cables are similar to underground serpents.

While looking for more information, I found that there had been a recent underground electrical fire in Masonic Street in New London in the USA, again involving power cables.

Could all this just be a coincidence? What is the significance of the smoke screens?