Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two similar painful incidents: curse or coincidence?

Thinking about a fairly recent painful incident has reminded me of something similar that happened a long time ago. What these events have in common is both the effect they had on me and the suspected cause:  I was hit where it hurt most and an energy vampire was involved. In both cases, administrators behaved unprofessionally and out of character.

The empty bank account
Many years ago, I got a horrible, jarring shock when a letter from my bank manager arrived out of the blue informing me that my account had gone overdrawn, and that while he was not unduly concerned about this he thought that I should be made aware of the problem.

I was always very careful with my financial affairs so I couldn’t understand how this could have happened - for the first time ever. I was expecting two big cheques from a client; they were overdue but I knew that I had enough money in my account to last until they arrived.

I found that another department in this bank had paid my income tax bill ahead of time, without letting me know that they were going to do this. They had wiped me out and made me go overdrawn. This was completely out of character: normally they would take around two weeks from the due date to pay the bill and would write to me first as a formality, saying that they hoped that this action would meet with my approval.

This procedure had become routine; they had been paying my tax bills twice a year for many years. They usually made a payment in the middle of July; on this occasion they paid the bill a few days before the end of June. The one time they paid the bill very early was the one time my bank account had got very low. What a coincidence, and just after I had a difference of opinion with an energy vampire!

I dealt with the immediate problem by paying my cheques in when they arrived. I know that I should have at least mentioned the matter to the department that paid my tax bill, but I just let it go.  I was being badly affected by an energy vampire at the time, and let unfinished business pile up because of not being able to deal with things.

I know that many people live with permanent cash flow problems whereas mine was quickly dealt with and I didn’t go overdrawn again. I know that most people don’t react the way I did to such a relatively small problem. However, being in a fragile state at the time, suffering from what might be called emotional haemophilia and not being very well grounded, meant that such incidents hit me very hard.

The forum post affair
A time came when my coping ability had improved enormously and unpleasant events happened only rarely.

Then came the other painful incident I mentioned.

I got an urgent email out of the blue from an online forum administrator: “Private and confidential and not for publication, please respond”.

They had received a complaint from a solicitor on behalf of his client about a post I had made more than three years earlier.

I don’t want to go into much detail, but I was one of many posters who discussed a free seminar with incentives to attend after someone asked whether it was worth going to. It was one of those money-making schemes - multi-level marketing, binary options trading, forestry in the Amazon, investment in wine etc. - so we all advised him to forget it as free seminars are often hooks to lure in people who will be subjected to a hard sell; it speaks for itself that random members of the public need to be persuaded to sign up.

The man running the seminar had actually replied to several posts at the time. Why would he suddenly instruct a solicitor three years later to complain about what I had said?

The email gave me a jarring shock. It asked for personal information to pass on to the solicitor. It also contained the solicitor’s complaints, which I think was inappropriate. It seemed threatening.

What is strange is that I was brought in: the forum staff, who are paid, really should have dealt with the problem themselves.  They are responsible for moderating the content of their site. Complaints such as this must be routine on a consumer forum that exposes unethical behaviour and helps people not to waste their money. The administrators often deleted posts without even informing the posters: a few of mine had vanished in the past.

As before, it all died down. I ignored their request for personal information and told them to just delete the post. I waited for further developments, but heard nothing more.

After reading the email again, this time from a balanced and objective viewpoint and without the emotional reaction, it seemed likely that the client was just trying it on and had no case against anyone. Perhaps he was desperate for money and was clutching at straws, hoping for compensation.

I did some research and found many allegations about his bad business practices, many dated a few years earlier than my post. People felt that they had been suckered into paying for information that they could have obtained elsewhere for nothing. The forum administrators should have found this and realised what sort of man they were dealing with.

I know I should have gone back and asked why they passed the problem to me without an investigation, and whether they had asked the solicitor why his client would suddenly resurrect an old post. I should have said that such an email comes as a great shock to someone in a fragile state.

This was the worst of a string of incidents that I experienced around one year ago. I didn’t mention it at the time, partly because the final outcome was still uncertain.

Was it all just a coincidence, or can energy vampires cause such incidents by cursing people or surrounding them with negative energy?

I believe that they can and do. In order to understand and accept this proposition, I worked backwards from an incident, noticed patterns and connected dots and compared my experience with other peoples’. It is a bit of a giveaway when, after a long spell with no encounters and no incidents, painful incidents and misfortunes and very bad feelings occur just after there has been some contact with an energy vampire.

In the first case, being affected by an energy vampire was ongoing; in the second case, it was a rare, chance encounter that temporarily affected me and my affairs.

I believe that in both cases, sensing the malevolence behind the attack exacerbated my bad feelings.

I believe that if I had been able to state my case and tell the administrators that they had behaved unprofessionally, I would not have been in the position where I needed to. This is a big feature of such attacks: the same negative forces that cause the incidents also prevent people from dealing effectively with them.