Monday, July 22, 2013

Unseen influences: chemicals in modern cleaning products and positive ions

We need to fight the enemy on all fronts. I have certainly been reduced to a terrible state by energy vampires, but accidentally breathing in the fumes from certain cleaning products has had effects that were just as bad. Modern offices have often made me feel really ill too.

It took a long while for me to realise that the enemy within my home was making me ill. For example, bleach and certain disinfectants aggravated breathing problems and made me feel depressed, poisoned and weak. I have had bad coughs and chest pains as a result of my own ignorance, carelessness and forgetfulness. Even after becoming aware of the dangers, I bought and used more of these products.  I once mixed bleach with ammonia and used it in a bathroom with no windows:  the effects were devastating.

It took a while for me to connect cause and effect because for much of my life I used my resources for studying metaphysical subjects and dealt with the real world with the back of my mind. It is true that when my personal firewall drops after various kinds of attack, stupid ideas get into my mind the way germs invade a wound and I do things that I would never do if I were in my right mind and a healthy state, but I have certainly been my own worst enemy where my health and wellbeing are concerned.

I have reached a point where I am determined to buy only harmless cleaning products such as soda crystals and white vinegar and gentle, ‘green’ ranges such as Ecover in future. I have been moving slowly towards this goal for some years now.  I can’t remember when I last bought a cleaning agent in a spray bottle.

A recent lapse – I used some very strong, lavender scented disinfectant - ruined a day out, and this has forced me to accept that I just can’t tolerate many popular products. They are full of harmful chemicals.  I rarely go into supermarkets now, but I remember feeling ill when walking along the aisles with the cleaning products. In any case, we don’t need all the different cleaning agents that advertisers try to persuade us are essential.  Many of the harmless, gentle, traditional products are very cheap, so there is an additional benefit from using them.

Another problem I have experienced is known as the “sick building syndrome”.  Windows that are sealed shut combined with inadequate air conditioning resulting in hot, airless offices have often reduced me to a bad state. Industrial cleaning agents, huge concentrations of WiFi and other electronic equipment giving out positive ions and furniture and carpets made out of artificial materials make the atmosphere even worse. I did notice that the two buildings where I felt particularly ill were both red-brown and built in the 1960s. I could not sleep for two nights after working there:  it seemed as though something was chewing holes in my energy field leaving me feeling like a moth-eaten old blanket.

I remember getting some temporary work after a long spell of unemployment: it was in a well-known modern building made of glass and steel, with sealed windows and air conditioning.  After a few hours there, I felt so ill I came close to saying I just couldn’t work there. Beggars can’t be choosers: I drank lots of water and endured the discomfort.

I eventually decided that a very low income and working at home (when I could get anything that is) were preferable to enduring the hell of working in modern offices. I also reached zero tolerance for noise, crowding, distractions, interruptions and human energy vampires.

Many people do not seem bothered by all this: they don’t feel the negative effects.  I seem to be hypersensitive to the emanations and chemicals. Perhaps this goes with being in touch with other dimensions and being able to sense unseen influences.