Friday, September 11, 2009

Energy vampires: an introduction to the subject

I find it very amusing that when I search online for information about energy vampires, I find articles about electrical appliances on standby. Here, I am referring to people who have a detrimental effect on others because they drain them of their vital energy. Alternative descriptions are psychic vampires and sappers. These people are like black holes, sucking and draining all the life out of the atmosphere and the people around them. They are all take and no give. They are a major adverse unseen influence and can ruin people’s lives. The worst cases can be carriers of evil the way that people used to be carriers for typhoid fever.

Being drained in this way can have serious, long-term effects on the victims. One result can be a kind of 'psychic AIDS' or 'emotional haemophilia' that destroys their resistance, their emotional strength and their ability to cope with the demands and responsibilities of life. Energy vampirism makes them weak and debilitated and affects their nervous systems; it surrounds them with an atmosphere that sabotages their lives by attracting trouble, unpleasant people, bad luck and negative experiences. 

An even worse aspect is that someone who is attacked by a vampire often ends up turning into one.

Having an energy vampire for a parent is one of the worst handicaps that anyone can have in my opinion: the child is a ready-made victim who never has a chance. Growing up in such conditions can result in 'failure to launch' and set people up for a lifetime of misery. However, victims can recover to a certain extent, although they will probably never be what they could have been. Some of them discover the cause of their problems when it is too late to do very much with their lives: they have to look back on a lifetime of wasted opportunities.

Understanding what has been happening and putting an end to the attacks is one thing; recovering from being eaten alive by the energy vampires in our families throughout our formative years is something else. The cure can be worse than the disease: the realisation that decades of our lives have been at best severely restricted and at worst ruined, that there is no justice, no compensation, no chance of a full recovery and not much hope for the future, can come as a devastating shock.

How can anyone know that they are being badly affected by energy vampires if they have never known anything else? If it started during the first seven years of life, there will have been no opportunities to build up the insulation, resistance and resilience that people from healthy families take for granted. Being drained by energy vampires will feel like normal life.

Luckily, many books covering this topic have been written in the last 40 years or so, and now the Internet is a source of very useful information. Other books such as biographies can provide some examples that help victims to realise that they are not alone in their experiences and that energy vampires are a major unseen influence in many people’s lives.

In his autobiography Time Bends: a Life, the playwright Arthur Miller describes a time when his wife Marilyn Monroe phoned him and complained non-stop about her colleagues. She went on and on, everything went black, and he regained consciousness to find himself lying on the floor. He could still hear her voice coming from the receiver. Exactly the same thing happened to me once when my sister was on the phone.

This is similar to the effect that the Black Riders have on most of the characters in the Lord of the Rings books, where it is a reaction to the presence of evil. Some people have the same effect when they shout and scream at their victims: they inflict subtle but serious injuries and cause terrible sensations, then carry on as if nothing has happened and expect others to do the same. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of such things needs to understand what is happening so that they can start to defend themselves against further attacks. This is much easier said than done when family members are involved.

The first step for people who are just starting to realise that something is very wrong is to understand the concept of energy vampires, learn to identify them, avoid them where possible and build up their strength. This has an immediate positive effect, as does slipping the subject casually but deliberately into the conversation, for example: “I'm feeling really drained, as though an energy vampire is sucking all the life out of me”. 

Directly mentioning energy vampires  can have a deterrent effect. I once said something similar to the above, without realising that a colleague who was affecting me badly was standing right behind me. She resigned soon afterwards: possibly by coincidence, possibly not. I think that she was a hostage to something that did not want her to get ideas that might start her thinking about the effect that she might be having on people.

There is much more information about energy vampires still to come.