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Unseen influences blog: background and purpose

History and background
For much of my life I struggled under a huge load of unfinished business, both family and personal, and was very handicapped because I was being eaten alive by the energy vampires in my family. I did not realise this for many years, as I had never known any other way to be. Things improved when I found help in the form of books: I benefited greatly from the explosion of publications on metaphysical subjects that took place in the late 1980s and early 1990s. For the first time, I found information that was relevant and useful: it helped me to understand what had been going on in my family. I had many light bulb moments and started seeing patterns and making connections. After reading many biographies, I realised that similar unseen influences had been operating in families other than my own. These families often produced creative artists: female writers in particular.

I made a lot of notes, and sent some of the material with my conclusions to a family member in the form of letters. This was after a last straw moment. Apart from saying: “You have given me a lot to think about”, she made no use of the information. I mentioned some coincidences and discoveries to a few colleagues, who were not very interested. In any case, I was mainly gathering information for my own benefit. My life improved enormously for a few years: I used my new knowledge and understanding to turn everything around. I experienced a lot of good luck rather than bad, and beneficial rather than harmful coincidences and synchronicity. I naively thought that the worst was behind me, but actually it was still to come. Perhaps escape is not that easy.

I was hit very hard by long term unemployment, a devastating personal disaster that completely derailed me and an unwise involvement with an organisation that I was horrified to discover was very different from what it professed to be. I was right back in square one: it was as if the good years had never happened. Life became one long fight for survival again: I could not live on coincidences and interesting information. In paranoid moments, I wondered whether all these problems had been set up to distract me from my investigations, or even as a punishment for speaking out for the first time ever about such things as energy vampires and saying that enough was enough where my family was concerned. That is certainly what some conspiracy theorists would believe. Another possibility is that the handful of good years was the reward for or result of my investigations and inner work to date, and I would not get any more until I had earned it. Perhaps the good years were arranged to give me a taste of what was to come if I could only survive the coming disasters.

I eventually resumed my investigations after finding work in a different field. I analysed the events of the interim years and looked for the usual patterns, connections and unseen influences. My life improved to a certain extent, and I attribute much of the credit for that to the approach that I took in trying to come to terms with what had been happening. I was also very fortunate in that some of my new colleagues behaved as if they had been given orders to look after my work-related interests at a time when I could not do this for myself: they helped to get me going again.

This time around, I was able to make use of the Internet for research. After some years, I found Anna Valerious’s blog Narcissists Suck - just after she had decided to concentrate on other things. It inspired me: I suddenly had the idea of doing something similar. I still had copies of the original letters, and in the intervening years I had made extensive notes from books while sucking the juice out of them before passing them on to charity shops. I decided to go ahead: I would create a blog, overhaul my material and put it out there. Dick Sutphen’s book Unseen Influences was the inspiration for the title of this blog. I decided to do it under the name of Unseen Influencer: I am not trying to promote myself or be a front for a business, and being anonymous makes it easier for me to speak freely.

Purpose of this blog
I have created this blog in the hope that some people will find the material interesting, informative and useful and my speculations illuminating. It might add an extra dimension to the interpretation of the events of their lives. I want to be part of the ripple effect. I want to help more people whose lives have been blighted by unseen influences to realise that they are not alone, and that something can be done to improve their lives.

I would also like to earn something from this blog so that I can be in a position to concentrate on producing more articles. Anyone who orders books or other goods from Amazon - UK or USA -via my widgets will be helping me to do this.

Sources of the material
The raw material comes from my memories, my research and my notes; I have mediated it through my own opinions, deductions and speculations. I have first hand experience of how unseen influences can operate, and I have augmented this with material gleaned from a large number of books. I have tried to give credit where it is due: I have mentioned the books’ and authors’ names where I remember them. I sometimes need to rely on vague memories of books that I read and gave away decades ago, but as this is a blog not an academic document complete accuracy is not essential.

I am sure that many people from previous centuries would be horrified by the way in which they and their lives have been written and speculated about, but this can’t hurt them now and their stories may help other people to put their lives into context.

I have given some examples of unseen influences operating in the lives of people around me: this is usually in connection with events that occurred many years ago, and it is extremely unlikely that any of them would ever read this blog. I have withheld many of the best examples as unfortunately personal information such as their names is an essential part of the story.

Comments policy
After looking at other blogs and reading about other bloggers’ experiences, I decided not to accept comments. I am not intending to host a forum or discussion group, nor do I hope to build a community. I want this blog to consist of just my own material, and I would rather spend my time on producing more articles than on moderating comments.


The Unseen Influences blog is an informal record of unusual personal experiences. It also contains the results of many years’ worth of research into unseen influences from freely available sources together with my interpretations of and speculations about this information. I have recorded patterns that I have detected and connections that I have made. The information provided here is for general interest only, and no substitute for professional advice and expert opinions, guidance and treatment should these be necessary.

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