Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unseen forces can affect our lives

I first read Unseen Influences by Dick Sutphen in 1989. It is a good introduction to the idea that we can be adversely affected by many subtle influences without our knowledge. A few, very diverse examples of these influences are: positive ions, refined sugar, concentrated hidden hostility and people who are energy vampires. I think that there must still be many people who would benefit from reading this book: just becoming aware of the possibility that these forces exist can raise our resistance to them. Forewarned is forearmed, and knowledge is certainly power in this case.

Environmental and dietary factors that affect our health have been written about by many people. Energy vampires, negative people who unconsciously sabotage the lives of people around them and similar topics have also been extensively covered. I have some ideas and information, coincidences and connections of my own that I would like to share with anyone who might be interested.

Some victims who are being badly affected by unseen influences still do not even understand what they are up against, never mind how to deal with it, and I would like to help them. I have survived many attacks by energy vampires and been affected by many unseen influences. Writing about my experiences helps to distance me from them; collecting background information has helped to put them into context and perspective and highlight recurring patterns. I am now posting my findings, in a series of articles, in the hope that other people will find them useful.

Unconscious sabotage
Here are some examples of unconscious sabotage to get things going.

Many years ago, I found a very good new job. I did not tell anyone in my family about this, which speaks for itself. However, 'by coincidence’ a dreadful letter from one of my sisters arrived in the post early in the morning of the day that I was due to start. I very stupidly opened the letter before I left for work; it knocked the stuffing out of me, thus ensuring that I went through my first day feeling that I had been hit by a truck just when I obviously needed to be very alert and make a good impression.

In a similar incident, another sister sent a very depressing letter that arrived on the morning of the day that the company I was doing some work for unexpectedly gave me a form that asked for a lot of personal information. The Personnel Department had tried this in the past, but I had sold them the idea that as I was a freelancer I did not need to supply this information. The new form was much bigger than the first one, and arriving at work after reading the horrible letter to find it waiting for me was very jarring indeed. I have always hated being asked for unnecessary personal details; I detest forms and bureaucracy, and being asked for information about my family is very painful.

I did not realise at the time that these letters affected me so badly both because I was very weak as a result of being drained by energy vampires and because I sensed that I was being attacked in some way. Family letters were infrequent, so the timing of these two was very significant.

It is amazing how these unconscious saboteurs can ensure that their victims are hit where and when it hurts most.

Many years later, I read A Closer Look at Ariel, a memoir of Sylvia Plath by a former room-mate called Nancy. She had taken a lot from Sylvia and left when she could not stand it any longer. She said that Sylvia had a habit of falling ill in the morning, which meant that Nancy needed to stay with her. 'By coincidence' this always happened on mornings when Nancy had an important exam.

Ian Fleming said “Once is happenstance (chance). Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”.

People whose lives are repeatedly sabotaged in subtle ways need to identify and defend themselves against the perpetrators, who are often but not always members of their own families.

The first step is to realise that such unseen influences exist. Only then is it possible to learn how to reduce the number of attacks and eventually eliminate them altogether.