Monday, August 12, 2013

Defence Against the Dark Arts Part III: More from Vernon Howard:

If there are any energy vampires and emotional blackmailers in your life, you may find the following defences useful:

•Don’t dump your trash on my desk.

•Who said I had to explain myself to you?

•If you want to fight, find another enemy.

•What if I made the demands on you that you make on me?

•I won’t lift a finger to solve the problem you have caused.

•I was not born to be the ear to your chattering mouth.
•No, I don’t owe you a thing.     

•You are several years too late to play that trick on me.

•How evil of you to try to drag me down to your low level.

I think that nos. 4 and 8 are particularly effective: if only I had been able to say this to the victimisers in my life…it is too late for me but perhaps other people will find this list useful.